Why Now Would be the Best Time to Get a Chatbot for Your Brand

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It’s no secret that messaging apps and social networks have become consumers’ primary mode of communication with businesses online. As a result, artificial intelligence and chatbots bridged the gap between customers’ preference for self-service and businesses’ need for customer experience innovation. With that in mind, now is the time to solidify your online presence and upgrade to a chatbot. Here are some current facts to take into account:


Many brands are already using chatbots and AI for their marketing, sales, and service. More will come starting in 2020.

Based on an Oracle study last 2016, 78% of brands have already incorporated or are planning to implement AI and VR into their marketing, sales, and service, with 74% retailers already utilizing or intending to take on AI and VR for their CX by 2020. On top of that, 80% of sales and marketing leaders as well as 76% of retailers confirmed they are already using or are looking into adopting chatbots for improving customer experience beginning in 2020. That said, taking advantage of these predictions and building a chatbot for your brand as early as now would let you stay two steps ahead of your competitors.


Payment-enabled chatbots will increase starting in 2020.

According to a 2018 growth forecast report by Global Market Insights, the market size for payment and order processing apps will grow up to 30% through 2024. This means chatbots with payment and order processing features will also dominate the market this year until the next. Additionally, not only businesses but also customers will benefit from the conversational interface and enhanced user experience provided by payment-enabled chatbots.


Investments on AI and machine learning will also scale up, leading to the rise of chatbots in different industries.

With the growth rate of AI predicted to go over 50% within the next 3 years, Global Market Insights also mentions that ongoing investments on the field of AI and machine learning will support the development of chatbot solutions in various sectors. These sectors include education, healthcare, BFSI, retail, and travel. 


Don’t wait to dominate your industry before this year ends. Get a chatbot for your brand now!


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