7 Reasons Why a Chatbot Would be Ideal for Your Online Food Ordering and Delivery Services

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This year, mobile ordering is projected to be a $38 billion industry, with customers opting for food delivery. Since convenience is what drives customers’ preferences and decisions when ordering food, you should aim to provide the most convenient food ordering services online to get a significant increase in your sales. Here are 7 reasons why a chatbot is PERFECT for that task:

1. A chatbot can be deployed on your customers’ preferred messaging app

Whether Whatsapp, Viber, or Facebook Messenger, you can follow your customers and deliver your services WHEREVER they spend time the most. With a chatbot, your customers can now order through chat instead of just relying on your hotline, website, or app. By making food delivery accessible and readily available for your customers EVERYWHERE, you can maximize profits across multiple channels.

2. A chatbot can answer inquiries 24/7, on the spot

Your chatbot can be pre-programmed with responses to frequently asked questions so you can assist customers instantly and at all times. Since customers can immediately get helpful information through your chatbot, your food delivery services won’t be the only thing that will keep them satisfied.

3. A chatbot can simplify your ordering process

The conversational interface of chatbots makes way for a more user-friendly navigation and enhances user experience. For product display, carousels offer a simpler, more condensed view of your menu that allows customers to browse easily and handily. A chatbot can also understand user intent through natural language processing. Customers can simply type their query or enter a product name and your chatbot will respond with correct as well as retrieve relevant results. With an added payment feature, your customers can inquire, order, and pay all within their conversation with your chatbot.


4. A chatbot can update customers with the status of their orders

One thing that customers hate about ordering online is the lack of communication from the store’s end. But with your chatbot sending push notifications, customers will be able to track their orders better. Your chatbot can inform customers of delays and update them from the moment their orders have been accepted all the way to delivery.

5. A chatbot can provide access to a live agent for order concerns

A chatbot can improve your customer service and ensure excellent customer experience. Once orders have been submitted and delivered, your chatbot can connect to a live agent if customers want to change, cancel, or raise a concern regarding their orders.

6. A chatbot can send promotional alerts

Aside from order updates, you can also push promos and product recommendations to customers to cross-sell and upsell products. Since chatbots can collect and make use of customer information, you can target customers based on their past orders, searches, as well as items in their bags.

7. A chatbot can get in-depth customer feedback

Again, through the conversational nature of transactions within your chatbot, customers giving feedback about your services will come naturally. After delivery of their orders, you can ask your customers to answer a few questions and get valuable insights that will help you develop more effective strategies.

With all these convenient, customer-centric functionalities, earning more with a chatbot will be a guarantee. Still not convinced? Then check out McDonald’s Philippines’ McDelivery Chatbot on Messenger!

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