Provide Uninterrupted Customer Service This Pandemic with an Online Customer Support Chatbot

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Even though the rest of the world is on hold due to the ongoing threat of the coronavirus, stores and establishments still have to make sure that they are able to attend to the needs of their customers. Since face-to-face customer service is hardly an option, your online customer support should be able to take on the demand of consumers for uninterrupted customer service now more than ever. Here’s how a chatbot can go above and beyond for your online customer service:



24/7 Instant Customer Service

Pandemic or no pandemic, a chatbot is operational 24/7, 365, with little to no human intervention required. Your chatbot can be pre-programmed with responses to frequently asked questions and other customer-related issues so it can answer inquiries, assist with customer concerns, and handle complaints any and at all times. Moreover, unlike a human customer service agent, a chatbot can accommodate as many customers at the same time, all within 0.1 second of response time.


Easy Access to Business Information

With a chatbot’s user-friendly interface, you can display your products and services in carousel menus for easy navigation. You can also make information such as business hours and store locations readily available so your customers can easily find what they need. With chatbots set up on messaging apps, you can provide the most convenient way for your customers to reach you.


Real-time Transactions

Through natural language processing (NLP) and chatbots’ capacity for processing transactions, customers can simply type their request and your chatbot will recognize the intent and then prompt a transaction, whether it be scheduling an appointment, booking a service, or submitting an application. With a chatbot, transactions will be mostly conversational so you can make way for a more engaging experience for the user.


Live Agent Support

In case your chatbot cannot resolve a problem on its own, customers can get in touch with a human customer service agent through an additional live agent feature. By hybridizing your customer service, you can offer unlimited support for your customers and keep a good relationship with them.



In times like these, you cannot afford to let your customers down. Book a bot demo now and upgrade your customer service with a chatbot!



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