Here’s How Easy Ordering Food Online Can Be With a Chatbot:

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Earlier this May, Statista came out with a forecast of $247 MILLION revenue for the Online Food Delivery segment this 2020 as an impact of COVID-19, with the number of users in the Platform-to-Consumer Delivery segment expected to reach 5.7 MILLION by 2024. Since more and more people will be opting for delivery as it is not only more convenient but now safer than dining out, you should make it easier for customers to order from your quick service chain or restaurant online. Here’s how your customers can order food in just 5 easy steps using a chatbot:




Step 1: Customers simply go on Messenger and send a message to your store

Facebook Messenger is already at 1.3 BILLION users, and since chatbots can be deployed to any messaging platform, you can take your business directly where your customers are. They simply need to go online and chat with your store on Messenger/Whatsapp/etc. and they can already place their orders without needing to download any additional app. And because a chatbot is self-operating, it can process orders all day and all night too if your store is open 24/7.



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Step 2: Customers browse your menu or search for a product

With a chatbot, you can make way for a user-friendly interface and provide a comprehensive view of your products through carousel menus for easy navigation. Meanwhile, natural language processing (NLP) allows your chatbot to recognize user input all the way from product inquiries to customer concerns. Customers can simply type the name of a product and your chatbot will show the accurate as well as relevant product results based on the keywords used.



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Step 3: Customers pay within the app

With a built-in payment gateway at your disposal, you can enable seamless integrated payments for in-app transactions right on Messenger through your chatbot. You can also accommodate other payment methods such as cash on delivery and include in-store pickups, curbside pickups, and table reservations among your chatbot’s functionalities.




Step 4: Customers receive order updates

Upon placing their orders, your chatbot can send customers order updates with the push notification feature for better tracking. You can alert customers when their orders have been received by the store, are already being prepared, or already out for delivery.




Step 5: Customers give their feedback

Once customers receive their orders, your chatbot can ask them to rate your products and services or answer a few questions that can help you gather valuable customer insight. The conversational nature of chatbots makes them an effective tool for consumer research.




See how simple ordering with a chatbot can be? Streamline your ordering process and get a chatbot for your quick service chain or restaurant now!



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