A View of Real Estate with New Eyes: Chatbots for Selling Real Estate Online

Photo Credit: Tierra Mallorca


With the amount of value we place on our present needs and wants, it’s easy to lose sight of things that will help us in the long run… like real estate. National Association of Realtors reports how home prices will continue to rise starting 2019 yet home sales will fall behind. This downturn may hugely be due to different socio-economic factors at play but part of the reason is the overall lack of education on the long-term financial security and positive economic impact that owning real estate can provide. So what better way to make people appreciate the benefits of real estate than through a means that will let them have a pleasant experience of it?


A chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence software that can hold human-like conversations with users in any messaging platform and which realtors and companies can use to get close to customers. Chatbots can change the way people look at real estate with the following features and facilities:



Seamless searching, selling, and buying process

Chatbots provide an improved interface that allows users to buy, sell, and search for properties right inside the Messenger app and not have to load websites or switch between apps to get all the information they need. Realtors and home sellers can post ads using the bot and buyers in turn can browse current listings or search properties by type, location or price – enabling advanced matching between buyers and properties to render more focused results. Site visits can be scheduled through the bot plus with Messenger’s payment feature, your chatbot can play a role not just in buyers’ prospecting but in their purchasing as well.



Tailored customer service

With their Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning capabilities, not only can chatbots provide a warm welcome and make small talk to engage customers but also understand vernacular language and other jargon so they can answer customers accurately and intelligibly. And since chatbots are functional 24/7, they can provide customer assistance to anyone anytime and anywhere. Aside from automated customer inquiry responses, a chatbot can send personalized alerts to customers to inform them about development updates as well as remind them of open house and project launch dates. AI-powered chatbots have context detection and can remember previous conversations, making them more than capable of guiding customers into making a decision. If all that is still not enough, access to a human agent can also be prompted using your chatbot.



Rich content

With the power of AR (augmented reality) technologies now in the palm of your hand, you can provide potential buyers a fuller experience with a 360-degree virtual walkthrough of any property using your chatbot. You can also make use of interactive maps to give customers an in-depth view of the property’s location and paint them a picture of its safety and accessibility to essential services and public transit – qualities that buyers look for in a home. With your chatbot, information will be concise and compact for convenient viewing and navigation, but instead of the usual facts and figures in plain text, you can include rich media such as photos, videos, and gifs with your listing to highlight compelling features. You can program your chatbot to display community reviews and ratings and even mention interesting trivia and news stories surrounding a property. Once customers become invested in your content, you can redirect them to contacting an agent or subscribing to your newsletter, helping you with sales and inbound marketing. With a chatbot, the possibilities for content only end at one’s imagination.


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