4 Ways Chatbots Change the Education Sector



Being that educational institutions serve as a birthplace for learning and hatchery for creative and scientific breakthroughs, the education sector needs to stay at the same pace as technology and update its methods and tools for promoting academic excellence. Chatbots are one of those tools that can create a productive and fulfilling experience for students, educators, and administrators alike so that the education system can thrive alongside other fields of advancement. Here are four ways chatbots can automate tasks and optimize the learning process:


Streamlined Admissions

Your chatbot can take care of student admissions by providing applicants access to offered programs and courses, application forms, and requirements lists as well as by accommodating in-app payments for tuition and miscellaneous fees. Since chatbots are pre-programmed and don’t need human support to fully function, you can offer 24/7, instant customer service to users and answer inquiries and frequently asked questions in real time. In case a user needs additional assistance, your chatbot can connect to a live agent or schedule a call or appointment.


In-depth Personalized Learning

Chatbots can turn lessons into bite-sized messages to simulate a chat conversation that is interactive as much as it is informative. Through machine learning and natural language processing, chatbots are able to analyze users’ responses and assess their level of understanding so they can present lessons accordingly and progressively. Subjects, topics, and other instructional materials can be laid out in the form of text, images, videos, audio clips, and other multimedia files to increase retention. With additional tweaking, your chatbot can even act as a grammar, word count, and spelling checker. After every lesson, students can take in-app quizzes and your chatbot can score their performance and compare results so they can track their progress.


Student Virtual Assistant

Pushing alerts and reminders, delivering files, providing information on faculty, class schedules, and school events, and answering lesson-related questions are some virtual assistant functions that students can use a chatbot for. With a student-friendly chatbot existing on their preferred platforms (Viber, Twitter, Messenger), life on campus can be made less overwhelming for students.


Virtual Teaching Assistant

Aside from aiding students in their scholarly pursuits, chatbots can also help lighten the load for teachers by taking note of deadlines, lesson plans, and student deliverables. Students can also use the chatbot to rate their teachers, making way for a convenient and reliable evaluation system.



And with all that, you can change the way education happens in your institution. Book a bot demo with Alfafusion for premier enterprise bot solutions.

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