10 Sites To Use For Sharing Videos

AlfaFusion Blog - 10 Sites To Use For Sharing Videos

We all know that Youtube reigns supreme when it comes to videos, whether you would like to watch them or share them. And indeed, why post your videos anywhere else when you can upload them on the most popular video-sharing site out there? But if you have an online business, such as a digital marketing company Philippines, you know you can’t just stick to one if there are other avenues out there where you can also promote yourself. As a business, you know you’ve got to make the most of the opportunities in order to get ahead in the game. Being present in all channels gains you a wider audience, giving you maximum exposure, and the more exposure you have, the more you’ll be able to build visibility and awareness for your business. So, aside from Youtube, what other video-sharing sites can you use which you know your business will also get to benefit from?

Here are 10 video-sharing sites we recommend:

1. Yahoo Video
2. Google Video
3. Flickr Video
4. Photobucket
5. Dailymotion
6. 4shared
7. Hulu.com
8. Truveo
9. Vimeo
10 Break

In order to gain the best SEO results, make sure to upload your video/s individually on each site on the list, and come up with different titles and descriptions for a video on each site, targeting different keywords. Even if it’s just one and the same video, search engines will index them separately and provide them as individual results. Now that’s a strategy!

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