6 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Page

AlfaFusion Blog - 6 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Page

Facebook has definitely become not just a social media platform for individuals, but a great and effective marketing tool for businesses as well. Thru it, businesses get to gain awareness for their brand and products/services via shares and likes, but it is also important to optimize your Facebook page in order to gain maximum exposure and get the traffic you desire for your website. How to do it? Here are some ways:

1. Make Your Facebook Name Ring

What’s in a name? Well, for SEO and for social media marketing Philippines, it matters a lot. So, it’s important for you to think long and hard about this one for once you’ve decided on a page name, there’s no turning back. You have to stick to it for when it comes to SEO, renaming isn’t ever good. Make it something appealing and something likely to stick to other people’s minds as well. In other words, make sure it sounds legit.

2. Incorporate Your Business Name into Your URL Name

Yes, search engines also look at the URL, so make sure yours includes the name of your business, or any other words or terms related to it. You are able to pick a username as long as you already have a hundred fans on Facebook, so once you do so you can just go to http://facebook.com/username and go ahead and change it to one that would help your site rank in search engines.

3. Place Keywords on the “About” and “Info” Sections

As you fill in the “About” and “Info” sections on your Facebook page, make sure to insert keywords in your descriptions. You should also include your business address as well as the link to your website so that your business can appear in local searches.

4. Don’t Undervalue Photo Descriptions

Since Facebook is also a great platform for sharing photos, make sure to add descriptions to these with, of course, keywords for your brand. Use these keywords as much as you can as you place captions on the photos. As these photos are shared, so will the keywords work their way to earning a high search engine ranking for your site.

5. Insert Keywords In Your Status Updates

You’ve already inserted keywords in the business description sections and photo captions, how much more can you insert them in your status updates! In this section, you can share link-bait items from your website, which provides you a great way to drive traffic to it. Include keyword-enriched text to the post, but keep it short and enticing enough to make them want to learn more or keep reading and click on the link.

6. Use Notes and Discussion Boards

Search engines also index the content on notes and discussion boards on Facebook, so make sure to maximize the use of these. Don’t forget to make your content keyword-rich.

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