Enterprise Chatbots for All-around Business Functions


Chatbots may be known to be good customer service providers but they can do more than just manage customer relationship online. Enterprise chatbots are specifically designed for large companies and major brands to take on internal and external functions across different platforms and online environments. Read on to get inside information on the different duties and responsibilities that come with the job description of an enterprise chatbot:


1. Internal duties and responsibilities: Contrary to popular belief, chatbots are just as valuable in the workplace as they are in the market for their capability to automate and make easier the typical time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks that make up the day-to-day processes in the business setting. From answering inquiries and gathering contacts, interviewing and screening applicants based on predetermined job qualifications and criteria, providing in-depth financial algorithms and accurate analysis of the financial performance of a company, distributing work schedules and information on benefits, payment, and programs to employees, to handling and managing supply chain systems online; chatbots can perform administrative, recruitment, human resources, finance, and even management functions. Chatbots can turn a typical eight-hour workday into a few minutes’ worth of work.


2. External duties and responsibilities: As for business to consumer affairs, chatbots are tasked to find and pursue leads, attend to each and every concern of customers, bring brand loyalty and increase conversion through customer engagement, cross-sell targeted ads through push notifications, and conduct consumer and market research to improve overall brand experience. Meanwhile, when it comes to matters involving business-to-business transactions, chatbots also process arrangements and deals with suppliers, act as sales and marketing representatives for your business for potential partnerships with other businesses, and educate end-users of your products and services in the business sector.



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