Boost Sales and Improve Customer Experience with Facebook Messenger for Your Shopify Store

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As of today, Facebook stands as the most used social media platform in the world, with roughly 2.96 billion monthly active users in 157 out of 167 countries. While people use Facebook to connect with other people, customers use Facebook Messenger to communicate and transact with businesses and brands. With Facebook Messenger’s unlimited reach, Shopify provided a way for stores to harness the messaging app’s features and allow their customers to chat and shop via Facebook Messenger. Find out how Facebook Messenger can boost your sales and how you can connect it to your Shopify store:

Building Customer Loyalty

Facebook Messenger is home to 1.3 billion users with over 20 billion messages exchanged between customers and businesses each month. By having your Shopify store on Facebook Messenger, you can get closer to your customers and be able to build a strong, one-to-one relationship with them by offering real-time, personalized service. In addition, you can also include a Messenger chat box on your website and other channels so you can deliver an omnichannel customer experience.

Shopping Assistance via Chatbot

Businesses from various industries have launched more than 300,000 chatbots on Facebook Messenger to augment their services and improve customer experience. With your Shopify store connected to Facebook Messenger, you can deploy your own Facebook Messenger chatbot that can display your products in carousel menus and help customers browse and buy products directly from Messenger. Customers can simply start a conversation with your chatbot and they will be able to view your product catalog, add items to their carts, then proceed to Shopify checkout and even manage their accounts right inside the app.

Instant Customer Service via Chatbot

Answer customer inquiries and provide assistance without delay with a Facebook Messenger chatbot that offers 24/7 instant availability. Smart chatbots or AI chatbots are powered by natural language processing (NLP) that allows them to recognize common questions and answer accurately through keywords and phrases that correspond to specific information in their knowledge base. You can also add a live agent feature on Facebook Messenger so your customer service can be semi-human, semi-automated. Your chatbot can handle FAQs such as delivery time and return policies while human agents can focus on complex customer concerns.

Conversational Marketing and Messaging Campaigns

Execute effective marketing strategies and advertising campaigns through Facebook Messenger’s push notification feature. Send personalized messages to customers based on their last activity and previous interactions with your chatbot. For example, you can send order status updates to customers with pending orders or inform users of promos and newly launched or restocked products. You can also retarget customers with abandoned carts by upselling or cross-selling products. With Facebook Messenger, there are endless ways for you to engage customers and boost your sales.

How to Connect Your Shopify Store to Messenger

Using the Messenger channel on Shopify, follow these steps to connect your Shopify store to Facebook Messenger:

Step 1: Add the Messenger channel to your Admin Page

From your Shopify Admin Page, select Messenger on the Add Sales Channel option and click “Add Channel” then “Connect Account.”

Step 2: Connect your Facebook Business Page

Before you can proceed with this step, you must have an existing Facebook Business Page for your store. Once that’s ready, go to the Facebook section then choose the Facebook page that you want to link to the Messenger channel and remember to give Shopify the necessary permissions. Finish by clicking “Connect Page.” You can also add a Message Us button to your website that will direct customers to Messenger. From your Admin Page, simply click “Messenger” under Sales Channels then go to the Message Us Button and click “Enable.”

Step 3: Add your products on Messenger

Once your Shopify store is connected to Messenger, all that’s left for you to do is select the products you want to sell on Messenger. Now your customers can start shopping from your store on Messenger!

To summarize, making your Shopify store available on Facebook Messenger can allow you to deliver more efficient customer service and seamless shopping experiences through the help of an AI chatbot. Get a sales assistant chatbot and connect your Shopify store to Messenger today! Alfafusion is the Philippines’ pioneer chatbot solutions provider for big brands and enterprises. Book a bot demo with us!

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