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Be an industry leader and set the trend with a custom-built, AI-powered chatbot to standardize automation in your business:


Financial Services

Whether it’s helping customers manage their bank accounts or find a loan program that best suits their needs, a chatbot can deliver extensive customer support through:

  • Providing product catalogs and information on banking services for consumer education
  • Responding to inquiries, addressing concerns, and deescalating complaints in real time
  • Round-the-clock availability and functionality especially during peak traffic times
  • Multilinguistic competencies for humanized interactions
  • Processing balance inquiries, fund transfers, deposits, bills payments, remittances, and other account transactions
  • Integration with Core Systems for effective data protection management and fraud prevention
  • Useful saving and investment advice for customer engagement
  • Product recommendations for upselling and lead generation

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Quick Service Restaurants

From displaying comprehensive menus to gathering customer feedback, chatbots accompany users throughout the ordering journey by:

  • Allowing quick access to menus
  • Identifying and pulling up products based on user input
  • Following a simple, guided, and user-friendly ordering flow
  • Using an exhaustive knowledge base for answering delivery and order-related questions
  • Enabling payment gateways
  • Connecting to Order Fulfillment Systems for order routing and delivery status updates
  • Concluding transactions via customer feedback and review system
  • Executing campaigns and sales promotions through push notifications

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Enhance user experience and watch your customer base rise up with:

  • Upscale services including in-app flight searching, tracking, booking, and check-in
  • Personalized flight promos and travel recommendations based on users’ flight records
  • Engaging conversations in the customer’s native language through Natural Language Processing
  • Prompt customer service responses
  • Real-time flight updates, reminders, and notifications
  • Surveys and feedback questionnaires for consumer learning

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Establish better communication with your customers through augmented services and features such as:

  • Product and service information in accessible and digestible formats
  • Multi-language support
  • Accelerated customer service with live agent assistance for answering inquiries and resolving issues
  • In-app service upgrades, bills payments, and other account transactions
  • Data encryption for improved security and protection
  • News and promo updates as well as mobile plan and other product suggestions for upselling

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Government Services

Reinforce efficiency in the public sector and render streamlined public services with:

  • In-app data portal for acquiring public records, official documents, and registration forms
  • Easy access to account or membership information
  • Automated customer care for real-time processing of requests, inquiries, and complaints
  • User assistance in multiple languages
  • Personal alerts and notifications for payments, appointments, and local events
  • Transactional plug-ins for payments, submission of applications, and renewal of licenses or memberships

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Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Deliver fast-moving consumer goods and assist your customers with chatbot services like:

  • Backend inventory management for an up-to-date product and promo catalog display
  • 24/7 customer service for handling customer concerns
  • In-app purchases accompanied by real-time alerts for tracking
  • Push notifications for implementing marketing campaigns

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Real estate

Remodel property selling with a chatbot that streamlines real estate processes through:

  • Catalog viewing and listing searching by type, lot area, floor area, location, or price
  • Automated customer inquiry responses
  • In-app payments and reservations and site visit bookings
  • Development updates as well as open house and project launch alerts

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From traditional retail to E-commerce, to C-commerce; chatbot technology gives rise to conversational transactions through:

  • Easy interface navigation via product cataloguing and categorizing
  • Automated customer service for inquiries, product replacement or returns, refunds and other billing issues, and complaints
  • In-app shopping cart and payment system
  • Product recommendations based on purchase and browsing history
  • Order status updates
  • News and promo alerts

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Streamline day-to-day operations and upgrade healthcare services with:

  • All-in-one access to physicians directory, facility map, and medical services list
  • Round-the-clock customer service for inquiries and recommendations
  • Patient education in conversational, easy to understand terms
  • Assisted patient registration and appointment booking, cancelling, and rescheduling
  • Appointment and consultation updates
  • Medication reminders for treatment tracking
  • Inter-hospital patient transfer aid
  • Administrative support including work scheduling, staff allocation, and gathering and storing of patient information

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Engage your customers and improve lodging and dining experience with:

  • Comprehensive rooms and facilities information display
  • On-demand customer service
  • In-app booking and payment system
  • Recommendations based on previous bookings for upselling
  • Rating and review opt-in for complaints and other feedback
  • Travel tips and directions for additional engagement

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