How to Use Instagram for Social Media Marketing

Did you know that Instagram has 600 Million users around the world and still growing?

That’s why the best time to launch your instagram marketing campaign is TODAY!

But before you put on your social media marketing cap, make sure to learn these cool and quick techniques to maximize your product or service blitz on Instagram:

Instagram Marketing 101:  Feature Your Products and Services

The fascination with Instagram is its ability to immediately capture the attention of your target customer through stunning visual images.

Make sure to take high quality images of your products or an action photo of the services you offer.   After tapping on the plus (+) sign on the app menu, just go to your gallery or the specific photos you want to upload onto Instagram.

But the coolest new feature of Instagram is the “photo carousel” function through which you can select, filter, and upload up to 10 photos for a single post.   Just simply tap on the “stacked squares icon” and choose a maximum of ten photos of products or services that you want to feature.

The best part is, you can also add videos!

High quality filtered photos are effective for marketing but a video always does it better.  With a video post, you can actually show how your product is used or show how a service you offer could benefit the customer or Instagram user.

Make Instagram Your Product Tutorial Guide

With just a few photos or perhaps a short video with annotation, you can guide existing and potential customers on how to use your product or service.  Instagram marketing is also an excellent tool for pre-sales and after-sales customer support.

Keep Customers Engaged by Using Social Media Marketing as an Activity Guide or Event Calendar

Keep customers engaged by using Instagram to post “photo posters” or video announcements about company events, product launches,  promos, and any updates that offer exciting benefits to Instagram users.

Sponsoring a major running event or sports expo? Let millions know about it instantly with a post that shows a colorful event poster with complete details.

Invite people to your own event or a company-sponsored activity with a video invite that probably includes information on how to get freebies and other cool stuff.

And yes, you can go “Instagram Live” and broadcast snippets about your event to highlight your company and, of course, your excellent products.

But you’re not a techie, you say?  No problem.  Don’t let being tech-challenged get in the way of your social media marketing success.

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Aside from tapping Instagram for your social media marketing, hiring the best digital marketing agency in the Philippines is also a time-efficient option that is sure to give you the business results you want.

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