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Automate processes with chatbots powered by artificial intelligence. Here are some enterprise solutions for your organization.

Customer Service

Make way for cost and time-effective interactions and automate your customer service with a chatbot.

– Provide instant, real-time, 24/7 customer assistance

– Take care of repetitive tasks

– Accommodate customers without delay and keep wait times, response times, and turnaround times at a minimum

– Handle mass inquiries simultaneously

– Provide customers with accurate and helpful information

– Guide users through in-app transactions

Marketing Support

Generate leads, drive conversion, sustain brand loyalty, and maximize results for brand engagement through customized and targeted marketing content from your chatbot.

– Provide instant responses to sales and marketing inquiries

– Send timely push notifications to users

– Deliver news and announce updates of latest products, services, or features of your chatbot

– Execute promos and contests

– Personalized content and messaging to nurture leads

– Target ads and messaging based on data collected from users

– Direct users to your online channels and accumulate website and social media traffic


Make the revolutionary shift and increase your sales with an eCommerce chatbot.

– Seamless transactions with a conversational interface and in-app ordering and payment system

– Cross-sell and upsell products by providing product suggestions and personalized offers based on user preferences, searches, and purchase history

– Filter products to display the most relevant products to users

– Push alerts to customers on the ordering status of their purchased items.


Analyze customer interactions and data through effective customer relationship management (CRM) and gain competitive insight on your users.

– Track and monitor the duration and frequency of usage and transactions

– Apply right profiling to target potential customers and retarget existing ones

– Get customer feedback via user ratings

– Conduct consumer research via short surveys to adjust strategies and approach


Streamline your hiring process and increase efficiency with automation.

– Notify users of current job openings in your company

– Upgrade applicant experience and make information readily available from company profile to job description

– Answer inquiries promptly upon request

– Hold initial interviews via chat and pre-screen applicants

– Set up meetings and calls with qualified candidates

– Send push reminders of schedules and requirements to interviewees

HR Management

Improve employee performance and productivity by delegating basic administrative tasks to your chatbot.

– Send email, memo, and appointment alerts to employees

– Allow users to respond to messages and alerts

– Collect employee information and allow access to employee records

– Supply and receive request forms and other common documents

– Schedule meetings and events

– Gather feedback, suggestions, and even complaints from employees

Training and Education

Augment corporate training and professional development by utilizing a chatbot for learning support.

– Provide a walk-through of the company and nature of work to facilitate the onboarding process

– Instant access to training and educational materials and present them in digestible yet informative pieces

– Answer inquiries as well as lesson-related questions to improve retention

– Make use of multimedia content such as images, GIFs, audio and video files, and other interactive media to support learning resources and enhance user experience

– Send studying tips and suggestions to aid in the learning process

– Test users’ knowledge through in-app quizzes


Design users’ brand experience and innovate ways to keep them engaged with your chatbot.

– Integrate your brand in your chatbot and set its tone and personality to create a lasting impression on users

– Exchange greetings and jokes and hold banters with users

– Get creative with content and present information by storytelling, creating lists, or even roleplaying

– Send news and updates, promote events, and offer merchandise to relevant users in a timely manner

– Display images, GIFs, videos, and audio files for a multifaceted experience

– Indulge users with quizzes and personality tests for a unique and personalized experience

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