TelcoBots: Changing the Telecommunications Industry One Conversation At a Time

With the sudden inflation of connected devices and the market saturation that comes with it, aggressive competition between telecom companies, and the now blurred lines of data privacy, the telecommunications industry has a lot of growing and innovating to do to measure up to the modern definition of “being connected.” Thus, artificial intelligence and chatbots are here to bring change in the telecommunications industry – one conversation at a time. Here are all the ways how:


  • Instant access to product information – Customers can browse different packages inside any messaging app using your chatbot. Since your chatbot communicates with your customers through conversations, it can present data in digestible amounts so customers will not be overwhelmed with excess information, providing convenience and instant results.


  • Accelerated customer service  – For problems and concerns, your chatbot can provide customers quick troubleshooting with detailed diagnostic steps as well as the option to connect with a live agent. Your customers will no longer have to navigate through endless options and procedures before their issues get resolved for your chatbot, through natural language processing, can identify the problem and provide a solution immediately. Additionally, your chatbot can translate these solutions into simple and conversational terms that customers will be able to understand easily. Geckolyst writes that text as a medium is generally preferred to voice for it is less intrusive and allows the customer to multitask, which makes your chatbot the ideal channel for customer service.


  • Direct account management – With your chatbot, customers can review their current packages, pay their balances, carry out changes to their accounts, and even receive account updates directly inside their messaging apps. Since security is the primary foundation of carrier networks, chatbots are armed with data encrypting facilities for safer and more protected transactions.


  • Increased sales – Cross-sell and upsell products by having your chatbot suggest the best mobile plan to your customers according to their profile and usage. Your chatbot can send messages containing product news, promos, and other targeted content to the most relevant customers to boost your sales.


  • Prompt FAQ responses – Chatbots are most effective for accommodating repetitive inquiries and reducing the volume of incoming calls. Because they are functional  24/7, chatbots can be at a customer’s beck and call and entertain urgent needs and requests at any time of day.



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