Why Social Advertising Slays TV, Radio, and Print

Advertising experts recently came up with a study on market penetration. Amazingly, the research shows that:

Social advertising reaches more customers and translates to more product or service buy-in.

– Traditional advertising is no longer as effective as it used to be because of new technologies and new customer behavior and preferences

–  Word-of-Mouth Marketing still works but the use of Social Media has transformed it into “Instant Marketing”.  Good news is now passed on to the next potential buyer instantly through the use of social media networks. No actual chat or conversation necessary between friends, neighbors, or co-workers. All it takes for your company, product, or service to gain “viral marketing chatter” is a photo, text, or video posted on social media.

– Speed spells the difference.  To reach 50 million users/viewers/listeners…

              Radio took 38 years

              TV took 13 years

              Internet took only 4 years

              But Facebook only needed 9 months to gain 100 Million Users!

Clearly, social advertising trumps traditional advertising on almost all fronts.  Decades ago, people had to rely on the Yellow Pages to search for a product or service they needed. These days, the Yellow Pages are used by small kids as a makeshift “stool” to reach for a book or toy on a high shelf.  It is no longer an effective platform for advertising.

Social advertising as a platform is real time. It doesn’t need to wait for a potential customer to walk by and notice your billboard.  No need to look for blockbuster movies or tv shows to make a wise product placement that hopefully would be seen by the viewer (who could be flipping channels or getting up to get a sandwich during commercial breaks).  With social advertising, getting the potential customer’s attention is almost inevitable. Smart phones let you do that.

What Fortune 500 companies already know is that investing in paid campaigns have increased their brand recognition, widened their customer base, and ultimately, improved their bottomline.

Nobody walks around with a  radio or TV strapped on the waist.  But today, most people can’t live and work without a smartphone.  This fact makes social advertising and paid campaigns a more efficient and effective tool for taking your company to greater heights and depths in dominating the market.


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