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Restaurant eCommerce and Customer Service on FB Messenger and Instagram

Revolutionize Your Restaurant with Qazaam: 
The Ultimate Messenger and Instagram Ecommerce Solution

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other? Imagine transforming your restaurant into a thriving online sensation, reaching millions of potential customers on Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Enter Qazaam, your ticket to the future of restaurant ecommerce and customer service.

Why Should You Open a Qazaam Chatshop for Your Restaurant?

Unlock the Messenger and Instagram Goldmine

With over 85 million Filipino users on Messenger and 19 million on Instagram, these chat apps are goldmines of opportunity. Qazaam empowers you to harness this enormous customer base and showcase your mouthwatering menu directly where they spend their time.

Streamlined Restaurant eCommerce

Managing orders, processing payments, and organizing deliveries can be overwhelming. Qazaam simplifies it all with its intuitive, A.I.-powered ecommerce chatbot. Seamlessly take orders, handle payments, and arrange deliveries—all without the stress of complicated interactions.

  • Advance Ordering for Pickup
  • Ordering for Delivery
  • Multi-branch Support
  • Payment Integration
  • Delivery Partner Integration (Lalamove)
  • Discount Computation (PWD, Senior)
  • Messenger and Instagram Deployment

Empowering Dashboard

Take control of your restaurant’s destiny with the Qazaam Dashboard. Manage your products and menus effortlessly, keep tabs on your stores, dive into ecommerce and chatshop analytics, and gain insights that drive growth.

  • Product and Menu Management
  • Store Management
  • eCommerce Analytics
  • Chatbot Analytics

Adaptable and User-Friendly

Qazaam is designed with your needs in mind. Whether you run a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) or a fine dining establishment, our platform offers the flexibility you require in a chat commerce solution. From delivery and pickup orders to in-store dining, party bookings, and table reservations, Qazaam does it all. Plus, our Chatshop to Live Agent Handoff feature lets you provide customer service on the store level.

AI-Powered Buying Experience

We’re constantly evolving to serve you better. Qazaam is currently testing integration with ChatGPT to supercharge its AI capabilities. Imagine having an AI robot waiter that understands your customers like never before, providing tailored recommendations and support.

Seamless Integrations

While Qazaam is a self-sufficient platform, it also plays nicely with your existing systems. Integration with your fulfillment system is possible, ensuring that Qazaam fits seamlessly into your restaurant’s workflow.

Delivery Partner Integration

Worried about coordinating deliveries? Qazaam has you covered with integrated delivery partner support, including the likes of Lalamove. Say goodbye to delivery headaches and focus on what you do best—creating culinary masterpieces.

Discount Management

Easily compute discounts for PWDs and seniors, enhancing your commitment to inclusivity and customer satisfaction.

How much does it cost?

For just P2,500 monthly store subscription and a low one-time set-up cost, open your own eCommerce and Customer Service channel on Messenger and Instagram. 

No Transaction Fees

Qazaam puts your profits first. For this special offer, transaction fees are on us! Enjoy the fruits of your labor without the usual deductions.

Don’t wait any longer!

The time to embrace the future of restaurant tech is now. With Qazaam, your restaurant can flourish in the digital age, engaging customers where they are and delivering experiences that keep them coming back for more. Say goodbye to the old way of doing business and welcome the new era of restaurant ecommerce with open arms. Your customers are waiting, and Qazaam is your bridge to success.

Contact Alfafusion today and get your Qazaam Chatshop set up in no time!

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