Chatbots and Live Chat for SMEs

AI-Powered Customer Service Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Increase CS Efficiency and Cost Savings with Our Chatbot, Live Chat, and AI solution for SMEs.

Enhance Customer Service by Combining AI and Human Support

  • Efficiently resolve customer issues with Conversational AI, addressing up to 70% of problems
  • Offer hands-on Support through Live Chat and Helpdesk Services

Optimize Your Existing Team’s Performance

  • Swiftly resolve customer queries using AI, resulting in quick solutions
  • Transform conversations into sales opportunities with Live Chat and Chatbots

Engage Website Visitors with Live Chat

  • Monitor user activity on your website in real time, tracking page views
  • Interact with visitors via Live Chat and extend personalized discounts based on their behavior, fostering customer loyalty

Boost Lead Generation with Chatbots

  • Leverage over 35 pre-designed Chatbot templates to capture leads and reduce cart abandonment
  • Configure custom greetings for new and returning visitors
  • Automatically suggest related products, and provide discounts to boost conversions

Rapidly Address Inquiries with Generative AI

  • Respond to customer messages with AI that mimics natural human conversations
  • Handles up to 70% of customer queries, enabling your agents to focus on complex issues
  • Small and medium businesses can expand support capacities without hiring additional staff, as our AI delivers instant responses to customer questions

Maximize Support Efficiency with Conversational AI

  • While human agents take an average of 2 minutes to respond, our AI chatbot solution provides answers in less than 6 seconds
  • Assists multiple customers concurrently, ensuring all inquiries are handled during spikes in demand
  • Understands context, recalls previous responses, and generates detailed answers to ensure customer satisfaction

Seamlessly Integrate AI Assistance Without Altering Your Support System

  • Incorporate AI into your Helpdesk solution 
  • Offer AI assistance that is compatible with various platforms including Gorgias, Intercom, LiveChat, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Others

The Ultimate Tool for Efficient Support Departments

  • Integrate AI into your existing customer service tool in just 1 hour
  • Handle up to 230% more customer queries without additional hiring
  • Reduce initial Response Times by up to 90%
  • Offer personalized assistance to all customers during high-demand periods
  • Decrease your annual support expenditures

Power up your Customer Service for as low as US$54 per month with a Chatbot and Live Chat Solution for your Business.

Looking for personalized management of your digital customer service?
Unlock the full potential of our AI tools with Alfafusion handling all the setup and operational tasks.

Alfafusion assists you with:

  • Designing your Chatbot customer experience
  • Creative copywriting of your Chatbot auto-responses
  • Configuring and fine-tuning your Generative AI
  • Setting up your Dashboard
  • Managing your Digital Customer Service toolbox

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