Messaging Automation

Automate eCommerce and Customer Service with Truly Smart AI

Supercharge your brand’s customer service, sales, and marketing with Messaging Automation.

Enterprise Messaging Automation

Alfafusion’s 24-year experience in information technology equips us to develop enterprise solutions for large organizations such as government agencies, large enterprises, universities and other entities.  Our applications benefit businesses in:

  • Designing and implementing new systems for process efficiency
  • Transforming legacy systems to conform to new market challenges and requirements
  • Automating business processes
  • Creating online sales channels for retailers
  • Providing end-to-end enterprise solutions

Alfafusion provides businesses flexible and scalable solutions for creating cost and process efficiencies for their organization.

Integrations With Your Core Systems

Integrate your chatbot to your business ecosystem to provide your customers automated and personalized service right where they are: Facebook Messenger and other messaging platforms. Alfafusion’s seasoned development team can manage your most complex integration and security requirements to ensure that messaging automation becomes an integral and efficient part of your omnichannel strategy.

Messaging Automation with Artificial Intelligence

Many chatbot providers fail to deliver on the promise of AI and automation because of poorly executed and trained chatbots. With Alfafusion, say goodbye to dumb bots and hello to your smart digital agents with AI that works!

Alfafusion’s chatbots’ uncanny abilities to understand customer inquiries and deliver meaningful responses create awesome experiences for our clients’ customers. Chatbots are only as good as the team that designs and trains them:

• Our experience designers create conversation flows that are intuitive, customer-centric, and engaging.

• Our highly skilled AI trainers program our chatbots with humongous amounts of training data to ensure that our chatbots conform to the highest standards of accuracy.

With on point experience design and smart AI, your users will come away with a great experience of the your customer service.

Customers pointing at laptop receive instant response from a customer service chatbot about their concern

Customer Service Messaging Automation

Improve customer experience by maximizing your brand’s 24/7 availability. Provide instant and helpful responses to customer inquiries and offer additional assistance via live chat support.

An e-commerce chatbot provides a real-time response to an online user on the price of a product

E-Commerce Messaging Automation

Delight customers with immersive shopping experiences via seamless in-app transactions, comprehensive product menus, advanced filtering, product recommendations, and real-time alerts and order updates.

A marketing chatbot responds quickly to an online user's question regarding current offers/promotions

Marketing Messaging Automation

Automate marketing by segmenting audiences for content and offer personalization. Create intuitive conversations with artificial intelligence. Retarget customers with engaging messaging campaigns and promotions.

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