Deliver Patient-centered Care with a Chatbot for Your Hospital


In times of crisis, health care institutions should be able to deliver patient-centered care along with reliable and up-to-date services. One way of doing that is by maximizing efficiency in customer service, administration, and patient management through chatbots. Here’s how:


Round-the-clock Customer Service

A chatbot is a convenient tool for answering inquiries and frequently asked questions online. With 24/7 availability and minimum response time integrated in a conversational interface, you can offer preliminary assistance and provide helpful information to customers while fostering a great user experience. You can reach people where it matters the most by setting up your chatbot on widely used messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


Standardized Patient Management System

Transform queues by allowing patients to schedule appointments online through your chatbot. You can streamline the process of registering and admitting patients by putting a chatbot in charge of collecting, storing, and retrieving patient information so physicians can easily conduct assessments and staff can be allocated effectively. With a chatbot that makes way for time-saving workflows, patients can be attended to immediately and at all times.


Patient Monitoring Alerts

With the push notification feature, you can upgrade patient alerts and send users reminders about their appointments as well as updates on their treatment status and x-ray or lab results in real time. At the same time, your chatbot can be used to improve patient monitoring and care coordination by signaling nurses and caregivers when there are patient requests, changes in vitals, or other emergencies.



Ensure quality care for your patients with a chatbot for your hospital!



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