Mobile App Advantages: What Having a Mobile App can do for Your E-commerce Business


Mobile app users are a big wave of consumers constantly washing over the shores of the e-commerce industry. According to Statista, the total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 is 197 billion, while a full one third of e-commerce customers are mobile app users. So what does having a mobile app really do for your e-commerce business?


Capture preference. According to recent polls, 78% of users said they prefer accessing shopping services via a mobile app rather than within mobile browsers because it’s easier, faster, and more secure. Mobile apps make way for serviceable transactions that customers don’t find in e-commerce websites. Mobile apps unlike websites do not take more than 3 seconds to load and have a quick and flexible interface.


Prompt conversion and sales. Since people prefer to use mobile apps than websites, more customers turn to mobile apps for shopping and become consistent shoppers. According to MarketingLand, apps drive 189% more conversions than mobile websites, which means that merely having an app and driving some traffic to it already garners profit.


Bring brand loyalty. The establishment of brand loyalty is what happens when a customer virtually acquires a store in the palm of their hands which they can access anytime and anywhere and which also lets them share purchases and finds to their friends. The 24/7 visibility, availability, and usability of mobile apps motivate customers to form a habit of dependency on mobile apps, while integrating a social sharing feature in your mobile app gives you an opportunity to have your brand reach more people.


Control user experience. Mobile apps can be designed according to the features and specifications present in the user’s device. This allows e-commerce mobile apps to control and personalize customer experience with engaging commands, functions, and push notifications.


Boost SEO. Having a mobile app amplifies your brand’s SEO rating because Google Search ranks app content in addition to website content. Through app indexing, your e-commerce website gets additional organic traffic. Results obtained through app indexing actually are prioritized above regular web results by Google, so without an app, it will become almost impossible to be on page 1 of mobile search results.


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