McDonald’s Philippines’ McDelivery Chatbot is Now Ready to Take Your Orders!


The first of its kind, Alfafusion in partnership with McDonald’s Philippines brings you McDelivery Chatbot on Messenger. Now you can order without ever leaving the app!


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To paint a picture of how it works, think McDo Philippines app… but more versatile. Upon getting started, McDelivery Chatbot lets you browse the menu or select a topic for an inquiry. You can also type in a specific product and McDelivery Chatbot will find it as well as retrieve items relevant to your search. You can just enter keywords or even emojis and McDelivery Chatbot will know what you’re looking for.


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When you select an item, you can directly add it to your bag or customize your sides (fries and/or drinks). You can also automatically upsize your meal to large at the click of a button.


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For first time users, you have to input your delivery address, contact number, and email address to proceed to checkout. But for returning users, these details will be autofilled and you will only have to put your order remarks or special requests plus the amount that you need change for. You can also pick a time and date for delivery.


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Once an order is placed, McDelivery Chatbot connects to the assigned McDonald’s branch based on the user’s delivery address to process the order. Meanwhile, the user is provided with an order code and order tracker.


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Aside from the order tracking facility, McDelivery Chatbot also offers push notifications to update users of the status of their orders. If there are issues with a customer’s order, McDelivery Chatbot has an additional feature which allows the user to talk to a live agent.


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If guiding and assisting users from placing orders all the way to delivery is not enough, McDelivery Chatbot can also answer inquiries and address concerns. Questions like “Can I pay using credit card” or “Do you deliver 24/7?” and other delivery-related queries can easily be handled. For information on other McDonald’s services such as franchising, human resources, customer service, and events, McDelivery Chatbot will point users to the right contact or channel for further assistance.


All this talk got you hungry? Try McDelivery Chatbot on Messenger and order your McDonald’s favorites now!


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