State Election Commission of India Launches a Chatbot That Answers Queries About Voter Registration

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The State Election Commission of India (SEC) along with Gupshup Institute recently launched their joint initiative, the Mahavoter Chatbot – a chatbot that answers queries about voter registration.

With the upcoming 2022 Philippine elections, it seems like we could also use a Mahavoter Chatbot of our own.

Through Mahavoter Chatbot, users can easily verify their voter status by searching for their name in the voter list. They can also conveniently register as well as make changes to their voter information using the chatbot.

Voter registration in the Philippines remains to be governed by outdated processes that involve falling in really long lines despite having all forms already filled out online, making the whole experience difficult and troublesome for most people which is why it is no wonder that a lot of Filipinos are still unregistered until now.

If we have our very own Mahavoter Chatbot, any citizen can become a registered voter entirely through online registration. Users simply have to send a message to Mahavoter Chatbot on WhatsApp or go to to register, and just like that they will be able to vote in the future.

Apart from that, the chatbot focuses on answering all kinds of questions such as how to find one’s name in electoral rolls, what documents and requirements are needed for voter registration, what guidelines to follow for correction of names and addresses, and other frequently asked questions related to voter registration – and Mahavoter Chatbot can provide all this information in English and Marathi.

Originally an idea for the 2017 elections, the SEC developed the Mahavoter Chatbot for election awareness and voter engagement. And now, even just after its launch, there are already talks about a Mahavoter Version 2 to cover the Special Summary Revision being implemented by the SEC.

Here’s to hoping that the Philippine government will also come up with something that will truly help and encourage every Filipino citizen to become a registered voter.

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