Love Goes Digital: Love Chatbots on FB Messenger


Love really knows no boundaries. Today, love seeps even through the cold, lifeless grids of cyberspace with dating apps, websites, and programs dedicated to bring love online. Now, with chatbots’ presence on our most used messaging apps, love has the chance to reach us more personally and intimately. This Valentine’s day, discover chatbots that can help you find and celebrate love wherever you are!


1. Little Things Love


Little Things Love is a chatbot that encourages you to express your love and grow your relationship with your significant other through daily messages, tips, and graphic quotes on Facebook Messenger. First, Little Things Love asks your special someone’s name or nickname so it can personalize its daily messages for you. Then, you get to decide the time you want to receive notifications throughout the day. You can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe to Little Things Love bot’s daily updates. What’s great about Little Things Love is you can share all the content it delivers to your contacts on Facebook Messenger, letting you inspire your friends to be more thoughtful and enrich their own relationships. Inspired by the book, The Love Dare by Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick, Little Things Love is a feel-good, helpful love bot perfect for both new and long-term couples.


2. LoveBot


LoveBot is like a wingman/wingwoman that finds you a date on Facebook Messenger. You will provide your location, age, some photos, and a brief description of yourself and LoveBot will show you profiles of people within your area who you might find interesting. You can decide to like, skip, or show photos of LoveBot’s candidates for you, and when you like a profile, it goes to your saved likes and LoveBot will notify you once a match happens. You too get notified when a person likes your profile. Once a match happens, LoveBot lets you chat with that person through a separate inbox inside Facebook Messenger. You can report a profile if it is fake, showing nudity or pornography, and sending abusive messages. LoveBot is a safe, convenient alternative to dating apps for people who want a low-key search for dates. However, LoveBot still isn’t programmed to identify whether you’re interested in men, or women, or both.


3. BertiBot


Who says love for people is the only real love? Love for pets and animals is just as fulfilling as love for human beings, that’s why BertiBot, a therapy dog bot on Facebook Messenger, exists to meet your love for dogs. Bertibot sends you cute and funny pictures of dogs to make you smile or help you relax. You can also share your thoughts and feelings to Bertibot as well as your stand about issues you believe need calling attention to. Bertibot also sends soothing and uplifting tunes you can listen to.


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