Learn What a Superior Product Information Chatbot Looks Like With SAM on FB Messenger:



When it comes to delivering product information, there’s nothing better suited for the job than a chatbot. Aside from breaking down heavy chunks of information into bite-sized, digestible messages and providing conversational customer service, chatbots can also turn simple inquiries into purchases; making them vital for customer retention and conversion. To further demonstrate how far a product information chatbot can take your brand, take a look at Samsung Philippines’ SAM on Facebook Messenger:


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SAM stands for Samsung Automated Messagebot. Upon getting started, SAM collects your name, gender, and timezone in order to push personalized content as well as keeps conversation records for intelligence and analytics purposes. Users are given the option to receive notifications about Samsung’s latest promos, products, and events based on their interests.


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Users can browse from available promos, Samsung appliances, mobile, TV, and AV products or simply type in a specific product they’re looking for and SAM will cross-sell and upsell promos based on the user’s searches and the product categories they view, providing plenty of opportunities for the brand to convert and sell to customers.


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By viewing a product, you can get information on its features, color variants, price, and where to buy. Users can enter a location or check out the official Samsung store list to find stores that sell the product they’re interested in. SAM can also show users a product in its actual color variants; making way for a more engaging product info display.


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No matter what Samsung product you inquire about, SAM can automatically recognize which one you’re talking about. From its local retail price down to the most minute specs like camera megapixels, SAM can break down to you detail by detail what you need to know about the product.


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Apart from providing extensive product information through product suggestion and prediction, SAM is also trained on enough NLP (Natural Language Processing) to be able to respond to greetings and make small talk. When it finds itself suddenly in unfamiliar dialogues with users, SAM responds with a “How to Talk to SAM” guide along with an option for a live chat support.




You can talk to SAM here if you wanna see for yourself just what a superior product information chatbot really looks like.


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