This Latest Report Says Consumers Would Rather Use a Chatbot Than Browse a Website

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In the latest report by about the state of chatbots for 2022, 70% of consumers say that a chatbot was able to answer all or most of their questions competently, and that they would rather get assistance from a chatbot than browse a website.

The pandemic has catapulted the adoption of chatbots due to their capability of providing excellent and uninterrupted customer service. Now, chatbots have also become consumers’ primary method for navigating websites and finding information, with two-thirds of consumers opting for chatbot services when visiting websites.

According to the report, 18% of consumers use chatbots to find business hours, 17% use them to learn more about a product, 16% to find a nearby store, 16% to request customer service, 12% to request technical support, 11% to get a quotation, and 9% to ask for personalized recommendations.

Another highlight of the report was the advantage of chatbots in marketing. 93% of marketers say a chatbot is part of their strategy and that their companies are currently using them to interact with prospects and customers, while 87% of companies who still don’t have chatbots plan to utilize them in the future.

Meanwhile, 98% and nearly all marketers have confirmed that chatbots improve the customer journey. Other chatbot benefits that marketing professionals have noted are increased sales conversions, better lead generation, reduced customer support requests, a more positive customer experience, and increased brand affinity.

The report was based on a survey of 1000 consumers and 250 marketing professionals with diverse backgrounds and positions from various industries. Its goal was to assess the participants’ knowledge and use of chatbots as well as their satisfaction with and preference for the technology.

With all these findings, we can conclude that customers prefer using chatbots to interact with businesses, and businesses can improve customer retention and satisfaction with chatbots. With consumers and organizations keeping the momentum going, there is no stopping the continuously accelerating use and adoption of chatbots.

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