Tick off More Profit from Your Wish List and Increase Your Sales With a Chatbot This Christmas!



Aside from being the most wonderful time of the year, it is also the most profitable. With at least ⅕ of annual sales of a business occurring during Christmas and New Year, ‘tis the season to dash through the snow and get more holly jolly customers. Here’s how you can deck the halls with boughs of revenue with a chatbot that provides a 360-degree shopping experience:


24/7 Customer Service

Lessen the stress that comes with Christmas shopping by streamlining your ordering process and improving customer service with a chatbot that is available anytime, accessible anywhere (as long as there’s an internet connection), and functional 24/7, 365. Since chatbots are pre-programmed and can operate without human intervention, you can maximize orders and take care of customer concerns with no delay. When there’s a need for additional assistance, your chatbot can provide access to a live customer service rep.



The C in C-commerce does not just stand for chat or conversational but for convenient as well. You can set up your chatbot on any messaging platform or on Messenger where you can reach 1.3 billion users and bring your products and services closer to your customers. With the prevalence of delivery culture, making way for in-app purchases and conversational transactions puts you right in your customers’ comfort zone. More than that, instead of just browsing menus and categories, customers can simply type what they’re looking for and your chatbot will automatically recognize keywords and user intent and retrieve relevant items using its AI and natural language processing features. With your chatbot, finding gifts won’t have to feel like such a chore anymore.


Tailored content and personalized recommendations

Chatbots are perfect for collecting information which you can use to personalize user experience and tailor content based on customer activity. You can easily target customers by sending product recommendations based on their preferences, product searches, and purchase history and welcome the Christmas rush with open arms.


Push notifications

Send purchase updates to customers as well as alerts on promos, offers, and new products with the push notification feature of Messaging platforms. With the presence of push messages, customers can track their purchases without a fuss and won’t have to wonder or worry whether their packages will arrive on time. At the same time, you can reengage leads by reminding customers about items left in their carts or an upcoming sale.




With a chatbot that can do all these things and more, the possibilities for making more sales go all the way. Build a chatbot for your store now and get sleighing in no time!


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