How to Improve Your Mobile SEO

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With numerous studies proving that more and more people are now using their mobile phones to get on the web, and that people spend more and more time on their mobile phones to search, it is clear that mobile phones are on their way to becoming the primary way for people to access the internet. Indeed, with all the conveniences a mobile phone offers, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. With this new development, however, it is important for businesses to keep up with the times and make sure to list mobile SEO at the top of their priorities.

Here are 5 ways to help you improve your mobile SEO:

1. Use the ‘mobile first’ approach

With PC sales getting lower and lower all over the world, you know that it is due to mobile phone usage overtaking the use of desktops. That’s why, in developing your site, it is important for you to do so with mobile design at the top of your agenda.

2. Make your site responsive

Before thinking about how to design your site in a way that will make it responsive, it is necessary to think mobile first because this will help you determine how you would be presenting your content. With one of the main problems of achieving responsive web design being the load time, it is important to remember that how you design your site for mobile will be different from how it is designed for desktops. Load time is very important when it comes to keeping a visitor on your site, and a faster one could lead to higher conversion rates, and of course, higher revenue.

3. Ensure your mobile site is fast and can be easily navigated

One thing about mobile browsing is that at times, buttons are so small that they’re difficult to click, as well as everything else that you have to keep on zooming the screen or scrolling up and down, which can indeed get pretty frustrating. Make sure to design your mobile site with the convenience of users at the forefront of your mind, such as making buttons easy to click with their thumbs, or having a great interface. The more usable your mobile site is, the more likely visitors will be converted into customers.

4. Simplify your landing pages

Again, a mobile site is not the same as one you can access on a desktop. The landing pages on your mobile site shouldn’t be the same as the ones on your desktop site. Maximize the use of your mobile site by placing call-to-actions at the very top of the page, so that users on-the-go need not waste time navigating your mobile site for whatever it is they need.

5. Do a lot of testing for your site before making it go live

This will help your site be as effective and user-friendly as it can be. By doing a lot of testing, you get to determine what kind of layout, CTA, design, etc. a user will have a positive response to the most.

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