How to Increase Sales and Reduce Operational Costs with a Chatbot for Your Restaurant

ordering from a restaurant photo by tonodiaz
ordering from a restaurant photo by tonodiaz

A chatbot can benefit your restaurant in many ways. Chatbots have various applications in the food service industry, including e-commerce automation, customer service, and workforce augmentation. They can handle a variety of tasks and respond to customers instantly, but with the power of artificial intelligence, they can do so much more to improve the customer experience. With the world leaning more and more toward digital experiences, restaurants are leveraging AI chatbot technology to optimize their processes and deliver great customer experiences online. Here are different ways of utilizing an AI chatbot to improve your restaurant’s efficiency and profitability:

Augment Your Workforce

Getting a chatbot is generally cheaper than hiring more employees. With a chatbot taking care of repetitive tasks such as answering inquiries, taking orders, or booking reservations, you can allocate staff to more important work such as marketing and business development. This not only allows you to cut down on employee costs but also makes day-to-day operations more efficient so you can focus on scaling your business.

Maximize Sales Channels

You can integrate a chatbot into your website as well as on frequently used social media and messaging channels such as Facebook and Instagram to offer an omnichannel customer experience. Customers can conveniently view your menu and order directly from their messaging app, whenever and wherever they are. By having a chatbot on Facebook Messenger or Instagram DM, you can reach customers where they spend most of their time and stay top of mind so you can build a lasting personal relationship with them.

Streamline the Ordering Process

Make way for a simplified customer journey and a seamless ordering experience with a chatbot’s conversational interface designed to effectively guide users through the process of placing an order. Customers can easily choose to order for dine-in, takeout, pickup, or delivery and browse through mobile-friendly carousels that provide a comprehensive view of your entire menu. The customer can then add items to their bag and once they have finalized their order, the chatbot will lead them to the checkout page and offer available payment options to allow them to complete their transaction without leaving the app. Upon placing their orders, customers can use the order tracker to check their order status. The chatbot will also send order updates to keep customers in the loop starting from when your restaurant receives their orders all the way to the fulfillment of their orders.

Reinforce Your Customer Service

Implement a robust customer support strategy with a chatbot that can deliver 24/7 assistance and real-time responses to inquiries and concerns. Your chatbot stays permanently operational so it can serve your customers all day and night, which is ideal if your store is open 24 hours. Meanwhile, natural language processing (NLP) capabilities allow your AI chatbot to capture the nature of the inquiry or concern from customer messages and respond with the correct information from its knowledge base. You can also create a carousel for frequently asked questions so customers can easily access answers to queries like “what are your store hours” or “how much is the delivery fee.” Finally, you can add a live chat function to provide customers with the option to talk to human agents and further fortify your customer support.

Offer In-app Bookings and Reservations

Did you know that 33% of consumers prefer using a chatbot to make a reservation at a restaurant or hotel? Your chatbot can help customers reserve a table or book your restaurant for parties and other events by connecting it to your restaurant’s reservation system. Customers simply need to answer questions about their preferred date and time and the number of guests and your chatbot will be able to directly schedule the reservation for them. Your chatbot can also send alerts to confirm their booking or remind customers on the day of their reservation.

Drive Engagement and Retention

Lastly, there are endless ways to engage and reengage customers using your chatbot. You can take advantage of conversational marketing and messaging campaigns to keep customers consistently engaged and increase your retention rate. One example is using the push notification feature to remind customers of orders in their bags that they haven’t checked out yet or inform them of current promos or new items in your menu. You can also use past orders, recent activity, and interactions with your chatbot to upsell or cross-sell certain products and boost your sales exponentially.

To sum it all up, an AI chatbot for your restaurant can enhance your daily operations, sales, and customer service and accelerate the growth of your business. Get a chatbot for your restaurant today! Alfafusion is the Philippines’ pioneer chatbot solutions provider for big brands and enterprises. Book a bot demo with us!

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