How Effective Web Development Can Increase Your Sales

AlfaFusion Blog - How Effective Web Development Can Increase Your Sales

Developing an online store isn’t just about impressive visuals or artsy design. Many online businesses unfortunately focus on this too much and use elements such as flash animations, which can actually slow down a user’s browser, or use color schemes that do not really send the right signals to shoppers. When it comes to web development, a Filipino web developer has to realize that even the smallest of design elements are crucial, and can either work or not to your business’s advantage. From the landing page to the shopping cart, how your website is designed will have a great effect on shoppers, and consequently, on your sales.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your online store’s design in order to turn more visitors into customers.

1. Customers should be able to see their shopping cart at all times

A shopper being able to see his shopping cart information wherever he goes on the site will help him keep track of the items he’s already added to his cart, and assures him that an item was indeed registered every time he added an item to his cart. So, make sure that there is an area on whatever page he goes to where he can see his shopping cart and other check-out information he needs. This makes the transition from shopping to checkout more smooth and easy. Also, make sure that the shopping cart is easy to find. You can make it stand out by giving it contrasting colors from the rest of the page’s color scheme.

2. Make sure your “add-to-cart” button has a direct call-to-action

Did you know that the call-to-action you place on the add-to-cart button has an impact on the response of shoppers? For example, if it says, "Learn More" or "More Details", it has been observed that shoppers aren’t as compelled or bent on buying as compared to when it says, "Buy Now".

Also, take note of one important design element – the color. Make sure to use gentle or soothing colors such as green or blue, instead of colors such as red or orange, in order to bring out a more favorable response from shoppers.

3. Make your product pages appealing and organized

Your product pages should be fixed in a way that when a shopper checks out a page, the product will draw his attention and he’ll be able to see the information he needs to see right away, instead of other less necessary information that may just cause him to lose interest and leave. For example, customer reviews would be better placed at the bottom of the page. Though they are important, they are not exactly the first thing the shopper needs to see. As a shopper, of course what we’d like to be able to see right away is what the product looks like, so the product images should be placed at the very top, and of course with the name, price and description close by.

4. Make navigation as smooth as possible

Spare your shoppers from frustration by making sure that menus can be easily accessed and will provide convenience in going from one page to another or back and forth with ease. Avoid hidden menus but at the same time do not clutter a page with too many buttons for your categories. Design your pages in a way that categories are organized and can be navigated conveniently. Remember to prioritize practicality over aesthetics.

5. Simplify the checkout process

By the time shoppers are ready to purchase, you would want to make the process as quick and easy for them as possible in order to not to make them change their mind or back out. You wouldn’t want to risk losing sales, so make sure to design your checkout page in a way that whatever the customer needs to fill out are already all there in one page – such as their shipping, billing and credit card information. With a single-page checkout, customers will be satisfied with the convenience and would want to keep buying from you, trust us. Taking notice of the small details and simple things like these will definitely go a long way in giving your online store the conversion rates you desire.

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