Prepare for the Holiday Rush and Upgrade Your Customer Service with a Chatbot

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Christmas is just around the corner… and you already know what that means for your business. The surge in customer volume and purchases will also come with an influx of customer queries, feedback, and complaints, so you should take this holiday season as a chance to upgrade your customer service so you can improve efficiency and customer satisfaction in the long run. Here’s how a chatbot can help with that:

Free Data Access

In case you’re not familiar with what a chatbot is, a chatbot is an online program that can automatically carry on conversations with users and perform commands. They are usually integrated into websites, apps, and messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and they are known for providing excellent customer service.

Setting up a chatbot for your business on Facebook Messenger lets you reach more people and puts you right where customers purposely go to communicate with businesses. And with Facebook Messenger’s free data service, customers who don’t have data or internet connection will still be able to message your business and get the assistance they need through your chatbot.

Instant Responses

Getting instant responses to simple questions is one of the things that defines good customer service according to customers. This is especially crucial during the holiday season as people are anxious to get their purchases on time and without any problems. By having a chatbot, you can automate responses to customer messages so inquiries and concerns are immediately taken care of and customers will no longer have to wait for an agent to go online just to get an answer.

24/7 Customer Support

Unlike human customer service agents, your chatbot works at all hours of the day and can serve customers 24/7, 365. It also functions entirely on its own and doesn’t need a human supervising or running things in the background. Even on Christmas and New Year’s day, your business can remain operational with your chatbot in charge, which means you can still help customers with returns, requests, complaints, and other issues while you are away.

All-Around Customer Service

Chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing which allow them to get the meaning behind a message and respond accurately with information from their knowledge base. This means your chatbot can handle different types of inquires and concerns and solve problems on the spot. Your chatbot can also display a carousel of frequently asked questions so customers can easily find the answer they are looking for.

Live Chat Feature

Through your chatbot, customers can get the complete package and experience comprehensive customer care. Your chatbot can have an additional live chat feature that enables customers to get in touch with a human customer service agent if they need further support. Together, your chatbot and human workforce can work hand in hand to make sure that your customers will have a great customer service experience during the holidays.

Convenient, accessible, and helpful – these are the qualities of the kind of customer service that your chatbot can offer. Book a bot demo with Alfafusion and upgrade your customer service now!

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