Easier and Safer Online Grocery Shopping with a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

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With the steady presence of COVID-19 and now, its deadly variants such as the Delta variant threatening not just our lives but the way we live, there’s no such thing as enough safe options for getting essential products and services. Although online grocery stores have sprung here and there since the pandemic started, businesses must never stop providing easier and safer ways for customers to get their daily needs. A grocery store chatbot on Facebook Messenger can help you prioritize the convenience and safety of your customers better than an app or a website. Here’s how:

Better Accessibility

A chatbot can operate in any messaging app, but having one on Facebook Messenger means that your customers can send you a message even if they’re only using free data. And since the majority of Filipinos are on Facebook, you can reach customers at the place where they spend their time the most. By making your products and services more accessible to customers, you can ensure that they will prefer to shop more online than on-site.

24/7 Service

If your business is more of a convenience store that stays open 24 hours a day, a chatbot can match your working hours just the same. Chatbots are functional all the time and can perform tasks even without human supervision. Your chatbot can process orders without any interruption and serve customers in real-time, anytime, so you can keep face-to-face interactions at a minimum.

User-friendly Interface

The conversational design makes it easy for customers to navigate your chatbot. With a simple conversational flow, your chatbot can effectively guide customers towards making a purchase and make way for a smooth ordering process. You can display products in a carousel menu which customers can browse to find what they are looking for. Customers can also simply type the name of a product and your chatbot will be able to retrieve the right items.

Seamless Transactions

Accommodate various payment methods and promote safer transactions with an integrated payment system in your chatbot. Upon checkout, customers can easily choose delivery or pickup for their orders and pay directly within Facebook Messenger. Then, customers can track their orders through the order tracker while the chatbot sends order status updates through the push notification feature so every step of the way will be contactless, right up to when they receive their order.

Instant Customer Service

Lastly, your chatbot can take care of inquiries and concerns through natural language processing (NLP) or its ability to understand any user input and respond accurately. Customers can type a question or report a complaint and based on the keywords used, your chatbot will be able to recognize the message and answer appropriately. You can also add a live chat feature in your chatbot to connect customers with human agents when dealing with complex issues such as product returns.

With a chatbot, you can offer a better, safer shopping experience for your customers. Upgrade your online grocery store now and book a bot demo with Alfafusion!

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