Get More Customers and Upgrade to Conversational Commerce with a Chatbot

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Over the past decade, we watched the shift from pushing an actual cart to simply clicking one; from visiting websites to downloading apps; and now, messaging as a new way of shopping online. “Conversational commerce” was first defined last 2015 as a phenomenon in which consumers interact with businesses through messaging and chat apps. And with businesses adopting conversational commerce predicted to rise up to 25% this year, having a chatbot on your customers’ preferred messaging platform would be the smart move. Upgrade your ecommerce store and gain more customers with these chatbot features:



Comprehensive Product Display

Enhance user experience with a collapsible product information display. With your chatbot’s conversational and guided interface, customers can conveniently swipe through carousels, click buttons, and just type in items or categories to find a particular product. Through natural language processing, customers can easily search for items and your chatbot will filter results by recognizing keywords and intent.



Instant 24/7 Customer Service

Make customer care one of your strengths with a chatbot that can answer FAQs, handle complaints, and resolve issues at all times through pre-programmed responses and an optional live agent feature for complex customer concerns. With a chatbot, your customer support never sleeps.



In-app Transactions and Order Fulfillment Notifications

From inquiry to delivery, your chatbot can assist customers and provide a holistic shopping experience. With features such as payment integration and push notifications for order updates, your customers can do it all – place an order, make payment, and track their purchases directly from their conversation with your chatbot.



Product Recommendations

Target the right customers and suggest relevant products by collecting and utilizing customer information, preferences, and order history. With data from chatbot conversations, you can improve your upselling and cross-selling strategies. You can leverage customer carts and wish lists or push sale, promo, and back-in-stock alerts.



Take shopping to a whole new level with a chatbot and watch your customer base grow!



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