5 Essential Features Your Flight Booking Chatbot Should Have

Preparing for a trip can take a lot out of anyone, especially booking a flight online. With all these underperforming websites and apps, your airline should stand out and be the first to deliver an optimized booking experience to customers. You can do that by making sure your chatbot has these basic features available on your customers’ preferred messaging platform:

Flight and Promo Catalog

A complete list of flights and promos displayed as carousel menus in your chatbot will streamline user interface for navigation and improve user experience. With a chatbot, flight details will be concise and readily accessible in a click or two.

Flight Search and Filtering

You can program your chatbot to filter results when customers search for flights so they can browse by date, location, price, or number of stops. Through the conversational design of chatbots, you can simply ask customers what they’re looking for so you can easily find it for them.

Hybrid Customer Service

Your chatbot should accommodate both automated and human customer support. With your chatbot, you can answer inquiries and process requests 24/7, on demand, as well as connect to a live customer service representative for handling complex concerns.

In-app Booking

Aside from browsing, searching, and inquiring about flights, you can allow customers to customize, schedule, and pay for their flights directly through your chatbot with an advanced booking feature and payment plug-in for seamless and convenient booking.

Flight Alerts

Provide better assistance to customers by sending reminders and checklists before their flight and informing them in case of changes in schedule. Since a chatbot can leverage the push notification feature of messaging platforms and get close to your customers, you can also maximize upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

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