Digital Tayo Campaign Powered by Alfafusion Much Lauded at the Meta Marketing Summit

The Meta Marketing Summit 2022 was an event where over 50 business leaders from Meta in the Philippines and Southeast Asia gathered to discuss how the metaverse can empower businesses, brands, and creators to navigate trends and effectively connect with customers and communities. It was held last September 29, 2022 and was broadcasted via live videos and a podcast.

With the event’s central theme being “Where today meets tomorrow,” one of the keynote speakers, Clare Amador, Head of Public Policy for Meta in the Philippines, puts the spotlight on Digital Tayo as one of the most successful programs of Meta for promoting and ensuring online safety on Facebook.

Digital Tayo is Meta’s flagship digital literacy program in the Philippines that educates communities on how to properly use Facebook tools and services to protect their safety online. This initiative was supported by a Facebook Messenger chatbot developed by Alfafusion, the IT and digital marketing company behind several enterprise chatbots for top brands such as McDonald’s, Samsung, and Nestlé.

The Digital Tayo Chatbot assesses users’ ability to use digital technologies and information intelligently through a series of tests and training. Now, Digital Tayo has reached over 6.5 million people starting from 2020 up to date, with new modules on civic education that focuses on community engagement.

Messaging automation products like the Digital Tayo Chatbot highlight the real power of conversations and how they can be utilized to create memorable customer experiences and build meaningful relationships with brands.

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