Digital Marketing in the Philippines

Digital Marketing is the collective term for creating and strengthening relationships with customers, both external and internal; partners, suppliers and other publics through online technologies and actions that promote a brand, empower the interchange of information, sell products and services and achieve many other business objectives. In the clutter of millions of websites all vying for audience views, engagement and recall above competitors, effective digital marketing has become a crucial element of any business’ success. It is increasingly becoming more difficult to be found online and the competition can be quite fierce. Companies are now shifting huge chunks of their trimedia advertising budget to digital as they scramble to reach and engage with their target customers online ahead of competitors.

And the prize is no small thing….

The Philippines is indisputably one of the most social nations in the world with online usage among the highest, second only to Brazil in time spent online. Filipinos are very family-oriented and are naturally friendly, making the adoption of new Internet technologies, which enable stronger personal and business relationships, easy and organic. With the huge opportunity to create closer ties with Philippine consumers through the delivery of personalized experiences of one’s brand, companies cannot resist the enormous possibilities for selling more product and developing loyal customers.

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Philippine Online Statistics

A huge Internet penetration of about 47.1 million of the Philippines’ 2016 population and a mobile penetration 37.5 million Filipinos enable users to spend an average of over 5 hours online daily. Imagine the enormous number of daily interactions that happen online as Filipinos’ work and social life melt into each other on a variety of online meeting places and platforms.

AlfaFusion Digital - Frequency of Internet Use
46% of Philippine users say they use the Internet daily while 30% say they use at least once a week.
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How do Filipinos access the Internet?

A majority of Filipinos (about 64%) still access the Internet using their desktop and laptop computers but this percentage is 12% lower than the previous year with mobile webpage views making a huge 53% leap year on year, and gaining a 29% share of total webpage views.

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Filipinos in Social Media

There is a staggering 48 million active social media users in the Philippines, which is why companies are scrambling against each other to put their brands before customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, in a way that makes a stronger impact than competitors.

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It is typical that users access their social networks using both desktops and laptops, but 41 million out of all social media users also access using their mobile devices, making posting on their social channels and engaging with family, friends, partners and customers convenient, even on the go.

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