Reinforce Your Customer Service This Chinese New Year with a Chatbot for Your Online Store

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Chinese New Year is one of the busiest holidays of the year. During this time, factory shutdowns and production slowdowns result in shipping and delivery delays, making customer service a nightmare for businesses all over the world. But with a chatbot in charge of your customer support, you can make sure customers still have a pleasant experience with your brand. Here’s how a chatbot can deliver excellent customer service and keep irate customers at bay on Chinese New Year:

24/7 Customer Support

With a chatbot working 24/7, 365, you can provide customer assistance at any time of the day – even during the holidays. Even when daily operations have come to a halt, your chatbot will continue to serve customers with or without a customer service agent on standby. This means you can accommodate as many requests, take care of as many concerns, and keep as many customers satisfied.

Intuitive Customer Service

Whether a customer is making an inquiry or a complaint, your chatbot will be able to identify user intent and respond accordingly through natural language processing. Chatbots are trained to detect keywords and match them with the correct information from its knowledge base so customers can simply send a message and get the right response. By having a chatbot that can immediately recognize what a customer is talking about, you can make way for better user experience.

FAQs Menu

Aside from directly answering questions, your chatbot can display a carousel menu with answers to frequently asked questions. Customers can easily view topics like standard delivery time, shipping policies, return policies, refund and cancellation, and other helpful information. This way, customers can find what they need instantly and won’t have to escalate to a human agent.

Push Notifications

Since chatbots are set up on messaging apps, you can make the most of the push notification feature and alert customers of important updates. Your chatbot can send order status updates as well as announcements like delays in delivery so customers stay up to date with your store. With a chatbot, you can communicate seamlessly with your customers while customers can conveniently reach out to your store at the same time.

Live Agent Support

To foolproof your customer service, your chatbot can also provide access to a live agent who can resolve issues that require comprehensive assessment. Customers can opt to talk to a live agent everytime a complaint is detected by your chatbot. By providing more ways to help your customers, you can guarantee that they have a great experience with your store despite the trouble brought on by different circumstances.

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