Improve Customer Retention with a Chatbot in Charge of Your Customer Service

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The key to effective customer retention is the right combination of good products and reliable customer support. Microsoft reports that 96% of consumers around the globe consider customer service an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand. Meanwhile, according to a study by Zendesk, excellent customer service is ranked number one by consumers when asked what impacts their level of trust in a company. To connect the dots, streamlining your customer service will help you keep more customers. Here’s how a chatbot can help you with that:



Answer inquiries and resolve concerns on the spot

With 24/7 instant availability, a chatbot can reduce your response time and resolution time to the absolute minimum. Upon deployment, a chatbot can operate on its own with little to no monitoring and management required. Through natural language processing (NLP), your chatbot can detect keywords and intent from messages and immediately respond with answers to frequently asked questions. Your chatbot can also make use of spiels and buttons and direct customers through a complaint resolution process. With a chatbot, you can offer your complete attention to your customers and provide them any information they are looking for at any time of the day.



Track transactions within conversations

Since messaging platforms provide payment and other transactional features, you can let customers make purchases and send payments directly on your chatbot. By enabling transactions on your chatbot, you can keep an eye on not just conversations and interactions but user activities as well and take better control of customer issues. Meanwhile, you can connect your chatbot to a back-end dashboard to store user data and enhance your CRM system.



Seamless Escalation

Ensure smooth customer escalation with a live agent feature on your chatbot. For complex customer concerns that require additional assistance, your chatbot can connect to a human customer service agent upon request. Customers can simply type “live agent” or “customer service” and your chatbot can provide the prompt for a handoff. By automating your escalation process, you provide your customers with unlimited means of taking care of their concerns.



Give your customers more reasons to stay. Upgrade your customer service and get a chatbot now!



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