How to Create a Successful Food Ordering Chatbot

photo by macrovector
photo by macrovector

Even before the coronavirus hit, the food delivery service industry has been continuously evolving to meet our ever-growing needs. Nowadays, with the various options for people to order food without having to leave their homes or even get up from their seats, you should be able to provide the easiest and most efficient way of ordering food in order to stay ahead of the competition. Here’s how you can do that with a chatbot:

#1 Reach People Where It Counts

By deploying a chatbot on a messaging app, you make your restaurant accessible and available to more people. Messaging apps are where people go to connect with other people – and now, businesses – that they have or want to build a relationship with. Facebook Messenger is already at 1.3 billion users, and with a chatbot on that platform, you have the opportunity to meet and stay in touch with customers.

#2 Make Way for a Smooth Ordering Process

A chatbot’s conversational interface already contributes to a great user experience. Add in a seamless ordering process and placing an order can be as easy as one-two-three. With a chatbot, you can set up a guided order flow with buttons and carousel menus that are designed to lead customers to complete their purchases, making ordering simpler for all users. Additionally, the push notification feature lets you send helpful alerts such as order status updates and promo announcements to customers.

#3 Enable Shortcuts

Through artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP), a chatbot can link keywords and phrases from user messages to matching information from its database and reply with the right response. Customers can just type “I want pizza” or “Checkout please” anytime and your chatbot will immediately “understand” and perform commands like show the menu or redirect them to their bag. This way, you provide customers the quickest way to get what they need.

#4 Offer Flexible Payment Options

Cash on delivery, card or e-Wallet payments, and bank transfer are convenient payment options both you and your customers can benefit from. With an added payment feature in your chatbot, you can deliver extended services and satisfy more customers while maximizing your profit.

#5 Provide Dependable Customer Service

Since a chatbot is fully operational on its own and at the same time can recognize whether a customer is trying to order, make an inquiry, or submit a complaint, customers can depend on your chatbot to take care of concerns immediately and assist them around the clock. If that’s not enough, you can include a live agent feature in your chatbot to allow customers to talk to a human customer service agent for further assistance.

All in all, a foolproof ordering system and exhaustive features are what separates a well-made chatbot from the rest. Check out Alfafusion‘s newest chatbots here, here, and here to see what a true successful food ordering chatbot looks like!

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