How Conversational Commerce Will Work for Your Electronics Store

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The significant difference in customer service and customer experience is the reason why AI is spreading like wildfire over different industries. Since impatient and demanding customers are one of the challenges that the consumer electronics industry faces, it could really use some help from an AI-powered chatbot. The immersive, conversational interface, automated business processes, and advanced analytics that AI technology providers are promising are just a taste of what conversational commerce through chatbots can come through with. Here’s how it will work for your business:



On hand product catalog and product information

With a chatbot in charge of information on your products, you can provide customers with a readily available catalog that they can access easily, instantly, and at all times on their preferred messaging platform. Users can browse categories in carousel format for optimal viewing while product details will be concise and comprehensive.



Advanced product search and product suggestion

Users can search for a product and your chatbot can respond with accurate and relevant results. They can also define what specs they are looking for and your chatbot can then offer suggestions that fit their description. Users no longer have to wait for a web page to load or go through sections of an app because your chatbot will be the one to do all the work for them.



Automated customer service and product support

Since chatbots have the capacity for 24/7 customer service and product support, you can take care of inquiries, complaints, and requests around the clock. Users only need to type their questions or concerns like “How much is an additional AV cable?” or “My battery is not charging” and your chatbot will show helpful information derived from an extensive knowledge base. Viewsonic has an online support chatbot in their site which helps users with setting up and troubleshooting their products such as TVs and media streaming devices. Meanwhile, Toshiba France has Yoko, a customer service chatbot that helps solve issues that customers have with their electronics and can escalate complex problems to human agents.



Payment integration

Convert e-commerce processes into conversational transactions with a payment feature in your chatbot. By building your own payment system or using a third-party platform, you can enable purchases directly through your chatbot and provide customers with an improved shopping experience.



Product recommendations

Learn not just from transactions but from actual conversations of customers with your chatbot. Based on your customer’s search and purchase history, you can recommend products and make cross-selling more effective.



Real-time product alerts and purchase updates

With the push notification feature of messaging platforms at your disposal, you can send delivery updates to customers through your chatbot so they can keep track of their purchases. And because messaging can increase conversion rates for customers on mobile devices, upselling can be done by sending timely alerts to relevant customers. For example, you can deliver news about an upcoming product launch or notify a customer of the availability of a product they once inquired about. Having a chatbot gives you the ability to learn more about your customers and make the right actions.



Feedback gathering

Last 2018, Michigan State University and YouGov experimented with conducting a traditional web-based consumer electronics survey and an identical one through a Facebook Messenger chatbot. They found that users who answered questions via the chatbot generally had a better experience than those who filled out a survey form. A chatbot for your store can produce profound consumer insights while making sure that your customers are comfortable and satisfied in the process.



From product display to customer service to sales, there is no doubt that your brand will look so much better with a chatbot. Book a bot demo now!



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