What do Consumers Think About Chatbots?

what consumers think about chatbots. photo from unsplash

Ever since chatbots rode shotgun alongside the latest trend of messaging being the new social media, chatbots became the new apps. With their versatility and serviceability designed specifically for their users, it is expected for consumers to like chatbots. But what do they really think about chatbots? This is what we know so far:

Consumers think chatbots are the best way to connect with a company

Last year, Hubspot and Ubisend both reported that consumers found it easier and preferable to communicate with a company via chatbots and want to see more companies with chatbots as their middlemen. With consumers’ preference for chatbot-mediated conversations with businesses, better communication between business and consumer is achieved.

Consumers think chatbots provide the best user experience

Chatbots are known to provide the best user experience because of two things: one, because they are handy and two, because they have a touch of humanity in them. Hubspot found 57% of consumers being interested in chatbots because of their instantaneity while according to Business News Daily, customers like a human experience even when they are dealing with a machine, which is why they prefer chatbots that are convincingly human. Meanwhile in a survey by Aspect, 65% of consumers highly rated a chatbot’s friendliness and ease of use.

Consumers think chatbots provide better customer service

Another one of Aspect’s findings shows that 71% of consumers prefer resolving problems without the help of a customer service agent or having to talk to another person, while 95% of consumers from Mindbrowser’s research last year stated that they believe customer service is a major benefit from chatbots. This is because consumers are leaning more into self-service transactions which chatbots are able to support. Now this year, the most recent finding by Salesforce shows that 69% of consumers associate chatbots with quick answers to simple questions and 24-hour service when it comes to communicating with businesses. This means that for consumers, chatbots provide the most direct path to solving their problems.

All in all, chatbots fuse the benefits of better communication, services, and user experience into one; capturing the interest, preference, and trust of consumers. Get a bot for your business now!

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