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Here’s what our clients have to say about AlfaFusion.

“At the onset, we set incredibly high targets – to increasing our FaceBook likes to over 15-fold, and our website visits to over 13-fold! A most daunting task that none with a weak heart will take on – unless you are so damned sure of your abilities.

Well, lo and behold, growth surged exponentially month after month. After only the 3rd month, AlfaFusion have exceeded their cumulative targets. I guess you can’t say much more to that.

But actually, I can. Because our company witnessed the dogged dedication of the AlfaFusion staff and their outstanding mastery of the craft that effectively pushed up our competitive standing from last place to now 2nd ranking in FB likes and visits – and now also top in search.

AlfaFusion is what any business looks for in a partner to help its own business.

In behalf of HSN, thank you, Chris, Sheryl, and the AlfaFusion team for being such remarkable partners!”

Gerry Castro, CEO

Home Shopping Network, Inc.

“If you need to project a professional image on the Internet, the latest flash technology, and want to rely on professionals – AlfaFusion is the perfect business partner.”

Mark Martiak, CEO

Universal Sales Network – New York, USA

“A seasoned marketer and serial entrepreneur, I’ve come to understand the value of communicating clearly and cleanly with the customer. But it’s not enough forany firm’s executive management to understand this, it is also essential that your key business partners, particularly your web development team, understand customer communication.

I mean it when I say, AlfaFusion ‘gets it’! In less than 1 week, AlfaFusion had my latest venture’s website live. We came to them late in the game and they had to work in overdrive to complete our site prior to drop of a large direct mail campaign which promoted our URL. They came through for us in stunning fashion. Our website has drawn in new customers and has rejuvenated our existing clients. AlfaFusion has my wholehearted endorsement.”

Tim Boylan, CEO, President

Music Matters

“The relaunch of the new Silverstreak organization, a more dynamic and progressive company, and our expansion into electro-mechanical services has necessitated the creation of a new web site to efficiently communicate the developments in our company to both our domestic and international clients and partners. Not knowing much about the Internet and how much it can do for our business, I was naturally very selective of the group that I would entrust our web site development to.

It turned out that AlfaFusion was an excellent choice. They did a lot more than I expected. They showed a genuine interest in our company and the workings of our industry and this really impressed me. Working with AlfaFusion is like hiring an entire ad agency to do more than just the creative work, like market research, as well as theme conception and production. This company doesn’t just decide what color looks nice with what. They really lock down on the core of your business and build around the best that you can offer. What’s more is that I like that they show a lot of passion and enthusiasm in the work they do. That really inspires confidence in their company.”

Ted G.Ebarvia Jr., CEO

Silverstreak Transport Corporation

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