Chatbots for B2B Communications


Like the vast, unexplored depths of the ocean, chatbots and AI are a relatively new frontier with exciting possibilities waiting to be discovered. Breakthroughs in AI for enriching business to consumer relations have companies jumping on the bandwagon to launch sophisticated bots to provide better customer service. When it comes to leveraging chatbots for business-to-business endeavors, the benefits are equally far-reaching and companies are finding ever more creative ways to engage customers and partners through artificial intelligence.


B2B chatbot use cases can be summarized into four tasks:


  1. Outsourcing. Through machine learning and structured conversations, chatbots make way for cost and time-efficient arrangements and transactions between suppliers. Businesses can easily exchange information, assess their options, make deals, place orders, and pay for supplies faster with chatbots assisting their communication.


  1. Sales and marketing. Chatbots can act as sales and marketing representatives for your business for potential partnerships with other businesses. Sales inquiries need to be taken care of immediately, and since chatbots are always readily accessible and available, no leads will ever be lost. A well-trained sales chatbot can increase brand affinity and reinforce a brand voice.


  1. Education. Chatbots are best used for educating end-users of products and services. If your business caters to other businesses then the best way to educate clients about your services would be through a chatbot that can distribute compact, concise, convenient, and relevant information in the form of personal messages which newsletters or press releases cannot accommodate.


  1. Administration. Collect contact information, answer emails, check group chats, post on public boards, schedule meetings and appointments, send messages, and arrange room bookings are just some of the internal and administrative tasks that chatbots can do to facilitate B2B engagement and enhance communication between employees in the same workplace.


So, how else can chatbots improve business-to-business relations? We can only look to the future and witness what other forms AI and chatbots grow into. Or, you can book a bot demo now and pioneer a new chatbot function for the betterment of business-to-business undertakings. Alfafusion is the leading chatbot solutions provider in the Philippines that creates chatbots that empower businesses in the age of artificial intelligence.

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