Chatbots for Small Businesses


It is no secret that more and more businesses are embracing the technology of AI and chatbots due to the different uses they have for different industries. Chatbots are commonly used for research, lead generation, customer service, content distribution, and affiliate marketing; but what most don’t realize is that the main goal of AI and chatbots is to provide the best user experience, granting a fair advantage to both large enterprises and small startups. Here’s why chatbots are not only for macro-businesses but for growing small-scale businesses as well:


Chatbots are low-cost. In case you haven’t heard yet, chatbots are relatively quicker, easier, and cheaper to build compared to apps. There are bot stores with flexible packages that vary depending on the number of messages per month and which any business will be able to afford. You can either purchase or even get a free trial of a chatbot that already fits your business needs, use self-service platforms to build a chatbot within a framework, or create your own chatbot from scratch.


Chatbots have more access to customers. Since messaging apps have outplayed social media in terms of consumer usage frequency, customers are now leaning into chat-based transactions, and businesses who can keep up with their customers online have a better edge against their competitors because customers will most likely choose whichever that makes it easier to get a product.


Chatbots are ideal for repetitive tasks. In every business, whether big or small, part of the daily operations involves receiving similar requests or FAQs from clients and customers, and chatbots are perfect for this task for their conversational nature, instantaneity, accessibility, and 24/7 availability.


Chatbots are ideal for low-involvement products. Chatbots are created specifically to provide customer assistance for one-time purchases or products that don’t require much time, effort, and decision-making – which makes them an asset if your business deals with retail or consumer goods.


Chatbots can handle complex conversations. From functional to fun, chatbots can do many wonders for your business. Chatbots have the capacity for rich content such as images and other visual elements, which turns every customer interaction with your business into an engaging experience.


So what are you waiting for? Your very own chatbot might just be the growth spurt your business needs. Get a chatbot for your business now! Book a bot demo with Alfafusion, a premier digitech company in the Philippines with 20 years experience in building and supplying chatbots to businesses of all types and sizes.

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