Chatbots: Your Secret Business Weapon


Chatbots have been around since the 60’s but they are now more alive than ever. Your opponents do not know this but chatbots can up your business game tenfold. Get the upper hand and find out why:


Chatbots have reach. As Mark Zuckerberg said back in 2014, there is one thing people do more than social networking; and that is messaging. People use messaging apps more than they do social media, and the presence of chatbots in these platforms promises a higher and closer reach with potential clients and customers.


Chatbots have information rather than advertisements. The dominion of advertisements ends where the territory of private messages begins. Brand presence and activity cannot be tracked within the confines of people’s private messages but chatbots have the power to break this rule. With chatbots, you can easily spoon-feed people everything you want them to know about your brand without them thinking it’s a marketing or advertising tactic because chatbots’ primary purpose is really to provide people information.


Chatbots are easier to use. Recent studies show that people are experiencing “app fatigue,” a phenomenon in which mobile app users get tired and lose interest due to the high number of apps required to perform only a handful of functions. Chatbots solve this problem by giving its users the ability to do all kinds of tasks on a single app like Facebook Messenger, by accessing multiple bots from various enterprises.


Chatbots are interactive. Why settle for website views by people who may or may not even know what they want when you can have a full-on conversation with people who are genuinely interested in your product? Chatbots bring the customer engagement that websites cannot provide.


Chatbots are customer-friendly. People visit websites because they want to know something. Inquiries are better handled through chatbots because people can easily ask a question and get an answer readily and instantly rather than having to scroll through a website to find what they are looking for.


The last takeaway from all of this would be that Facebook believes that chatbots are the future of how people will interact with apps and businesses. Now that you know these cheat codes, you can now conquer the digital marketing scene one chatbot at a time. Build a chatbot army now with a premier chatbot developer as your ally. Being a 20 year-old veteran in the business, Alfafusion is the number one provider of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot technologies in the Philippines. Chat with Alfa the Chatbot to learn more.


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