How Chatbots Redefine Public Service for Government Agencies



With everything being tied to social media nowadays, chatbots are a formidable device for businesses to stay in touch with consumers, which is why they are quite the hustlers in the private sector. However, it is often overlooked how chatbots can do just as much for the public sector; being that they are made for streamlining day-to-day operations and automating simple tasks. Here are the different ways chatbots can be useful for government institutions and agencies:


Easy access to open data

Chatbots can provide a way for all types of users to easily access and utilize public records through a conversational and guided interface, allowing people from all walks of life to make the most of their right to information. By simply asking the bot questions, anyone can retrieve any document they need without having to manually search the internet or personally request for them.

24/7/365 availability

With chatbots that are self-operating, government agencies will be able to accommodate every resident night and day, without delay; meaning response time and wait-times will be significantly reduced.

Instant service

Through an extendable platform and API, a chatbot can can connect to any data or back-end system and answer inquiries, accept requests, and receive complaints faster and easier so government offices can cut down on staff. Finding specific government pages as well as general information, schedules, and directions for public facilities like parks, roads, and city halls, scheduling appointments for license renewal and other government services and providing electronic forms for such affairs, taking emergency calls and requests, and accommodating reports from neighborhood complaints down to municipal problems – are just some government-related tasks that a chatbot can take care of, all in real-time.

Push notifications

Easily notify people of local events and public announcements as well as application and appointment updates with a chatbot that can send relevant and timely content to users.

Conducting surveys

Chatbots are known for handling consumer research like a boss due to its conversational design. Conducting surveys will no longer be a feat with a chatbot that can start casual conversations with people you want to get close to.


Public service doesn’t have to be complicated. Book a bot demo with Alfafusion, the Philippines’ pioneer chatbot builder and see for yourself how getting a chatbot for your organization can transform the public sector.

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