Chatbots for Personalized Traveling in Your Travel Agency


With the growing number of travelers who opt for do-it-yourself trips instead of ready-made itineraries, what strategy can travel agencies of today possibly come up with to match their standard tours against personalized traveling? The answer? Chatbots. With chatbots, travel agencies can integrate self-service and customization into generic tour packages so they can provide customers with tailor-made traveling experiences and help them reach their dream destinations. Take the lead with these different chatbot uses for your travel agency:


Tour booking – Chatbots can help customers create their own itineraries by simply asking them where they want to go, how much is their budget, and all the other details in between and then recommend a tour package that suits their requirements and preferences. What’s great about it is that the entire booking process will be in conversation format, promoting simple and convenient transactions. Additionally, each conversation is encrypted so customers won’t have to worry about account security.


Travel updates – Keep your customers posted by having your chatbot send real-time flight updates and changes in itinerary (if there are) so there would be no misinformation and problems could be avoided. You can also enable customer check-ins using your chatbot so you can track their entire journey.


Promotions – From flights to accommodations and famous tourist spots to nearby events, your travel chatbot can notify customers with seat sales, hotel discounts, event vouchers, and tour promos to potentially increase your sales.


FAQ responses – With a chatbot for your travel agency, you can answer frequently asked questions in a matter of seconds and provide real-time responses to inquiries. This way, leads are never lost and you gain reputation for never failing to entertain customers.


Customer care – Get satisfied customers in your travel agency with a chatbot that makes 24/7 customer care possible. Chatbots can assist customers with basic concerns as well as solve the most complex of issues through machine learning and natural language processing.


Engagement – Your travel chatbot can serve interesting and relevant content to your customers such as travel quotes, photos, videos, news, and blog entries to keep them active at all times.


Customer Feedback – Your customers can leave some feedback or rate their overall travel experience using your chatbot to give you insight on how you can improve your services.


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