How Chatbots Turn Grocery Shopping Into Smart Shopping



Anybody who’s had their fair share of grocery shopping knows that it’s no picnic. Being a very demanding task, it can be quite an inconvenience to customers when their basic needs and expectations for efficiency are not met. So what if there’s actually a way for brands to make their customers’ shopping experience better?


Introducing chatbots for smart shopping:


One major benefit of chatbots is that they are integrated into customers’ most used apps such as Facebook Messenger so they won’t need to download any additional app; providing convenience and instant accessibility. It’s already one thing to not need to go out of the house… but to not have to download and register in apps is another!


Since it is a messaging tool operating through artificial intelligence and machine learning, a chatbot is mostly – if not entirely – programmed to be conversational and user-friendly, and with natural language processing, customers won’t be able to tell at all whether they are talking to a human or a piece of technology.


Unlike humans, their constant availability and serviceability make chatbots ideal grocers for they can deliver responses and information, grant requests, and process transactions without delay.


They can be your customers’ virtual shopping assistant whom they can turn to 24/7 for inquiries such as product availability, daily deals, and store hours.


With an advanced user interface, your chatbot can guide customers all the way from picking items and filling their virtual grocery carts down to paying for them and checking them out for delivery. Your chatbot can also learn from conversations with users and save customer preferences so each interaction is more personalized than the other; meaning the more a customer uses your chatbot, the more it gets to know them.


Your chatbot can also send updates that have a two-fold use: 1.) for customers to track their purchases and 2.) for you to cross-sell and upsell products through recipe recommendations, inventory updates, or promos. Since your chatbot has learning capabilities, it can identify intent from keywords or even emojis of ingredients or items and be able to suggest recipes and additional products to lead a customer into making a purchase.


You can also increase customer engagement by adding entertainment or utility features in your chatbot such as the option to create their grocery lists or subscribe to daily tips or jokes accompanied by multimedia content for optimal consumption.


Using your chatbot, you can even conduct consumer research and have your customers answer a survey or give feedback about your brand so you can make corresponding adjustments.


All these and more with a chatbot! Be your customers’ ideal grocery store and book a bot demo for your brand now with Alfafusion, the Philippines’ pioneer enterprise bot builder.

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