How Chatbots Take Your Airline’s Services to Greater Heights


The travel industry was one of the first players in the field to take the lead in profiting from new technology such as chatbots because they are the key to automated transactions and augmented customer experience. Since messaging apps are the new social media, chatbots are the prime tool used by businesses to interact with consumers because of their omnipresence and omnicompetence. Here’s how top airlines like AirAsia lift up their services with their very own chatbots on Facebook Messenger:



  • Booking – Now online reservations and bookings have never been easier, all thanks to chatbots that can get you plane tickets at the best time, date, price, and destination, with complimentary hotel or restaurant recommendations. Chatbots present customers with plenty of choices to get the best deals online.


  • Flight information – Chatbots can provide passengers handy flight information that keeps their flight details intact and compact. They can also provide passengers easy access to other flights from different origins to different destinations as well as flight arrivals and departures for more coordinated pick-up and drop-off schedules.


  • Flight alerts and notifications – Using the chatbot, passengers can check in to prevent last-minute run-ins and promote a convenient, secure, and orderly flight system through flight alerts and notifications. Chatbots can also have an integrated reminder feature so that passengers never lose track of their boarding time.


  • Customer care – Because of chatbots, customers don’t have to call or email for customer support and wait for a response. Chatbots can provide prompt, accurate, helpful resolutions in conversational terms which help minimize response time and maximize customer satisfaction. Aside from that, chatbots help you cut down on the time, cost, and staff needed for repetitive tasks such as answering FAQs.


  • Sales – Chatbots help in cross-selling and upselling by providing customers with suggestions and recommendations in the form of push notifications based on their interests, preferences, past transactions, and budget which promises a better return on investment.


  • Tour Guide – Chatbots can also be programmed to be a customer’s local tour guide by displaying reviews and suggestions based on their location to elevate the level of customer experience that your brand can provide.



All these and more are enough reasons why you should let a chatbot join your airline’s crew. Book a bot demo now!


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