How Chatbots are Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Along with our frontliners, organizations and corporations alike have done their part in keeping humanity afloat and came up with different ways to stay on top of the COVID-19 crisis – with chatbots as one of their weapons. Since the outbreak, the use of chatbot technology has increased globally and chatbots have played a vital role in delivering essential information and extensive services to guide us through the ongoing pandemic. Here’s how chatbots have been aiding the world in its battle against COVID-19:



24/7 Instant Services

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Yani the EndCov Bot from the University of the Philippines Resilience Institute has instant and accurate information about the current government policies in response to the COVID-19 in the Philippines. Yani, which is short for baYANIhan, is equipped with official government policies on health, education, business operations, and transportation in the Philippines. Aside from helpful information, Yani can also search for hospitals based on your location and connect you to the UP Diliman Psychosocial Services for free telepsychotherapy if you are affected or disturbed by the COVID-19 pandemic. With chatbots that are operational 24/7, 365 even without human supervision, Filipinos can use Yani anytime, anywhere, and get the assistance they need.



Customizable Content

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With a chatbot, content can be in any language and customized according to a specific industry or use case. As for the World Health Organization (WHO), their chatbot is available in different languages and, along with CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Clara, mainly focuses on informing users about how they can protect themselves and prevent the further spread of the virus. The chatbots provide information about the virus such as preventative health measures and answers to frequently asked questions and offer guidance on what to do when you have symptoms. Additionally, since chatbots can display multimedia content for better user experience, CDC’s Clara makes use of informative graphics to support its content.



Extensive Features

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NCOV Bot PH has an AI-empowered symptom checker based on the triage algorithm for COVID-19 by the Department of Health in the Philippines. Chatbots are multi-functional and can be an all-in-one solution with more than one feature. The NCOV Bot has information about COVID-19 as well as a symptom checker that works by assessing the user’s current symptoms, exposure to the virus, and medical and travel history. By asking a series of questions through the symptom checker, the bot determines your risk of contracting COVID-19 and then advises the next steps based on your result.



Different chatbots, yet only one purpose: fight COVID-19.



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