7 Ways Chatbots Can Extend Government Services Online

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In the midst of a global crisis like COVID-19, our first line of defense is our local governments. Government support and services should be available and accessible to the general public especially now. And since everything is being done online, the public sector cannot afford to be out of reach. Here are 7 ways how a chatbot can extend government services online:


#1 – Free Data Access

As of this year, there are almost 78 million Filipinos on Facebook; and with a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, your online public services can reach more than half of the country’s current population. Even with just free data, anyone with Facebook Messenger on their phone can access and use your chatbot and get the help they need anytime, anywhere.


#2 – 24/7 Service

Unlike public offices, a chatbot stays operational even after office hours. With a chatbot, you can be online and of service 24/7, 365 and provide users preliminary assistance to streamline your processes and make way for quick solutions.


#3 – Inquiry Responses

Easily handle FAQs with a chatbot that can identify and answer inquiries on the spot through Natural Language Processing (NLP). Users can just type a question and by detecting keywords and matching them with the right information on its database, your chatbot will be able to respond correctly and instantly.


#4 – Information Portal

Besides directly inputting their queries, users can also browse information within the chatbot. Reports, schedules, contact details, and other essential public information can be arranged and displayed in carousel menus on your chatbot so users can conveniently find what they need.


#5 – Application Processing

With a chatbot, your application process can be seamless and conversational. Users can opt to fill out the usual electronic forms within the app or simply answer questions to submit their application for various government services and the chatbot will process it in real time.


#6 – Push Notifications

Through the push notification feature, your chatbot can notify users of important news and announcements as well as send regular updates to inform them of the status of their application and other requests.


#7 – Live Agent Support

Apart from inquiries, your chatbot can also take care of concerns. To further improve your customer service, you can integrate an additional live agent feature to resolve complex issues.



Don’t wait another day to give people what they really need. Let a chatbot fill the gaps and transform public service online.



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